Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't W8...


I juzz can't wait to get out from this place..I really wanna have a relax mind and wanna spend quality tme wif my fmly..N yeah...We want to go to Thai..We plan to go Bangkok n Pattaya..Huhu..I really do wanna go there..My cousin already been there..So now,its my turn to feel that place..Hehehe...Well,actually we supposed to go there together..But,thanx to my brother,we stuck here..My brother already finished his SPM..N yes..He always get the computer..I don't have a chance to use it..And since he already a no more high school student..well,my chance of course no way...Huhu...Well,back to the story,I also can't w8 for my next sem,n also for the new year..Cuzz this year..I admit it..It did became a bad year for me..N FYI..This year,accidents always happen to me..N poor my car..N money also gone juzz like that...Huhu...I felt sorry for my parents..N also to my friends..Huhu...But there also a good memories in this year..n of course not to forget..sad memories..Oh well,I use to it..So,whateva...OK..thats it..Chiao...Really need vacation r8 now...Aaaargghhh!!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Much


Hm...Nothing much to say..Its been a long time I didn't update my blog.Well,I've been busy this days.Gosh..Though now its sem 3 already,and dont have any lab report that I need to do,but still,it is a busy day.Through out the time,theres a lot of things happen to me.There were sad time, and there were also happy time.B4 this, yes I felt so much pressure, and I did having a bad time.Gosh!Only God knows.But r8 now,I felt a bit happy.Alhamdulillah.Hm...For this post,I will not tell u what happen during march,april,may,jun,july..bla bla bla..hehe..So much things happen eehhh...So,some of it I can't remember..But I will update it later when there's a free time.R8 now,I just wanted to write something..Well it just nothing much...Hehehe..Hnya nk mluahkn shaja..

I just finished watching Cj7..And u want to know something..that was my first time watching it.Hehe..Dh lma lah that story but I bru watch that laa...Hui..Ktinggalan zmn tol..Well,in that story,I learn a lot..As a human being,we must always appreciate our love one ..Jgn smpai bla dia dh x da..Bru kta sdar..R8?Especially to ur family..Family is very important people...!!So,think about it.Jgn smpai mnyesal di kemudian hari..Love ur family..Ok? <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Remembering All

No 21#

24 MAY 2010

Its been a very long time I havent edit this blog.Remember about abe salak that really wanna know my story.Sian abe..Well,wish that you can read my blog now.I'm updating it since it is holiday r8 now.So, let me remember all that happens to me first.Maybe I will skip some of the time, cuzz I cant really rmmber that much.I will tell u some of important moments that I could remmber to u guys.

1 FEB 2010

My best friend's birthday today!!Yes,Im happy for her.N now she already tua sdah..Haha..Well,not much to rmember but at the afternoon, my father brought me to this restaurnt that near the shah Alam lake dekat PKNS there.My abg angkt also there.N we ate there, at first to tell u the truth, the food did rsa sdap.But when time pass by, mcm x brapa plak.Hayoo..Tukar chef ka?Hm..Then, at night, I call my best friend and told her 'Happy Birthday'!!

2 FEB 2010.

It was ckin's birthday.And also hari he pass away.I still remember it.N I pray for him n wanted to sdekah yassin for him.That day, my mood was not really good, thou, it was ckin's birthday,I have to admit,I really dont feel to clebrate it.Ckin ofcos feel happy cuzz it was her day.But then,ckin also realize that Im not in a good mood.So I told her about arwah,n she felt sorry.N I felt sorry too for her.But then, liya,zati,mak,mira, all of us celebrate her brthday and bought a cake.They really do made loud noise that day.Main that cream.N me, juzz sit there watching them playing.Sorry ckin..Really dont have mood.N when they put the cream at my hand, I dont feel to play around,so I clean myself..N the rest,as usual.

5 FEB 2010.

Seriusly,I can't really rmmber things that happen at this day.But I have pictures that showed place around the PTAR 1.N still I can't rmmeber why I went there.Haha..

6 FEB 2010

It was saturday and as usual KOKO..Gosh!How I hate woke up early n went to koko.N it saturday!!We have to attend this cramah for the koko.N it was kindda boring.But, the pncramah the usahawan, was really nice and he actually very funny.8 least not that boring la.But still, during the cramah,I actually listen to my handphone and turn on the songs..Haha..N I actually saw some1 that actually look like the filipin's actor.But ofcos la the actor hensem lgi..That guy look like a chinese..Boleh la than..Apa lagi..Cuci mata la..Haha..And at the afternoon,I actually went to my kazen's house..Hehe..Wanna sleep there la..My rutin..So I drove there by myself to aman perdana.Since I have my own car lah kan..Hehe..

7FEB 2010

Huhu..I have to leave my kazen..Huhu..So sad..But before I went back to my rumah swa..I hantar my car first cuzz my aunt wanted to bring me out for lunch..Hehe..Then,my kazen's father actually brought us to the pameran kreta..Around shah Alam..We went to see Mazda..And Fuh!!The car was so..Wow!!I like..Her father mrancang want to buy new car..So he brought us to see Mecedes also..BMW..Fuhh...Kaya bah...He even met his friend there,n his friend brought his son with him.Chinese and that guy kindda hensem too...Haha..My aunt kept telling my kazen to see that guy,but my kazen,alah...Kept telling her mother that no one but Azam..Ceh!!Cinta monyet..Monkey's Love..Haha..Puppy Love..Then,afterthat,I went back to my house..Huhu..So sad..

9 FEB 2010.

I never forgot this date..Ever!!N sriusly I will not!!It was test fluid!!Haha..Ofcos really bengang deh wif that test..Huhu..N the test was at night also..Haiyooo!!!But then after the test, we all mrancang to have our dinner together at KFC..wah..Aramaiti!!More like reunion already..Haha..It was a very best moment.N at this date..I met some1..Yes..First met him there!!Ouch!!I wont forget about it..Really..Mango..Anyway..All brkmpul and we even lough out loud there..Hehe..N ckin and arif sit sblah mnyblah..Ehehe..Ske la tu...Then, there was some1's brthday..N they celebrate it at the KFC..Haha..Mat arip make some joke and we even help to sing the brthday song..Haha..It was really bsing..But a nice memory to be remember..

12 FEB 2010

Midnight movie!!Hehe..Yes2..We went for midnight movie..At first we thought that we wanted to see Percy Jackson but instead the ticket already finish and we end up watching malay movie..Haha..Adnan sempit..Thou at first it was kindda bored,but the near last part,it became so funny..Sriusly..Haha..We watched it at bukit Raja anyway...

15 FEB 2010

It was holiday cuzz of CNY i guess..Hehe..So my brother planned to go to Sunway Lagoon..Yup,he pay all of it..Even my ticket la..Haha..Love my bro a lot..Since he has duit gaji dlu,so he blnja me..Hehe..Wah..I mrasa my brother pnya gaji first loo..Haha..Not me..Hehe..
Dont worry he will get it later..There I went wif my bro, my abg angkt n kakak angkt, n also her son.We play around first, and I felt so happy mcm bdak kcik plak..Hehe..Then, there was pool..Hua~~Dh lmak I didnt swim oo..So apa lagi..Brenang la..Hehe..Love2..I still have the skill to swim..Wlupn dh lmak didnt swim..loo...Hehe..Luv2..But then, when I tringat smthing..I forgot to bring my spare tdung..Haha..Since I swam wif tdung2 skli..So..My tdung alrdy bsah..Haha..Then,when I finish washing and prepare to go back..Haha..This part was funny,I actually went out from the toilet and use towel to cover my hair..Haha..I went around the sunway,since we parked at the basement so have to lalu around the sunway piramid and I was the first person that use towel to cover my hair and I was walking around the sunway piramid untill we went to the basement parking..Haha..It does feel funny..N pngalaman yg gila2 n sengal..Haha..Sot2..But a nice thing to remmber..Hehe..

16 FEB 2010

Me,and my family went to midvalley wif my abg angkt amir..Hehe..We jln2 and we felt tired so we sat at the food court..My father brought ABC and that ABC ice was really tall..N I even ate it and I korek2 bhgian tgh and still the ice did not rntuh..Haha..Power la that ABC..Hehe..Still that ABC was so sweet..Hoho..Cool..Wif ice cream on top of it..Hua~~

21 FEB 2010

It was the last day for my mother to be at KL..So, I planned to bring my mother to go around2 Shah Alam.N then, we went to the PKNS.But then I felt so bored cuzz my mom wanted to shop there..Huhu..Bored2..Then,even my brother took so long time to shop..Gosh!!He shopped like female..So long,n yet Im a girl but Im not really that interested in shopping like he does.Gosh!!Then,we went back n on the way back to my kaz's house.I actually forgot the way and I actually took the wrong way.N for your info,I have to hntar my mother to the airport more like 2 hours b4 the flight.N yet I was sesat!!You dont know how it felt.I took the wrong path.N yet Im not use to KL..N Im actually went to KL..Waarrgghh!!!N it took more like 3 hours to get back to Aman perdana.I even lalu my family angkt's house at puchong..Woo.Dri Stia Alam went to puchong and went to Klang and finally back to Aman perdana.I almost stress out,even I felt mad at my mom,and I even drift my car back then..N for the first time, my brother actually felt scare of me being so mad and stress out.He even ask me to cool down.Haha..So weird..Well,like I always said, u dont wanna make me mad.Cuzz Im not that kindda of person.U know..Being mad.But once I get mad,u dont wanna know anyway!!Everything will terbang anyway,nsib my car did not trbang,juzz drift only,and it was kindda bahaya..Hua2~~But thank God,I came to my kaz's house and we went to the airport and I drove again.N I felt so tired doh!!For 3 hours wat,if u at Miri,its more like going to Bintulu from Miri.And I continue lgik,going to the airport..Fuh..That day was so tiring..N I wont forget about it..At ALL!!TRUST ME..N my mom actually sempat and got the sit and went back to Miri.Gonna miss her..

25 FEB 2010

We really2 wanted to go to the place that not really far from our house.From medan selera, that place was so nice and it only open at night.Since at that day,Liya was not with us, we still wanted to go there.We want to explore since so many people told that the place was so nice and beautiful.So we went to that place and its call ICT..So this was the first time we went there.It was a very nice place and beutiful too..So many lights n I do love it so much,cuzz I love to see the light at night..Hehe..

26 FEB 2010

Liya told us that she wanted to go to the ICT too..So since I knew the way to go there already,so we planned to go there at this night.B4 we went to the ICT,we actually have our dinner with keon and Farid.So we went there with them,and we took a lot of pictures..Yes..Mango actually there..N I rmmber it,mango actually asking me for my phone no..Hua2..But nope I wont gave it to him..Hua2~~Ada sbbnya..Hua2~~

27-28 Feb 2010

There somthing happen for both of the date.But I cant recall back.But actually, if Im not mistaken, we all actually went to the sunway piramid.The 4 of us,mrayau2 at the sunway piramid,cuzz dont have krja kan..Haha..N then, there also somthing happen..My friends actually pksa me to tell mango my phone no.N I kindda feel embarassed of it..That day,we ramai2 went for dinner..N at that day la,mango actually got my no..Lol..All in all..I will remember it till the end..

P.S..All of this happen in feb.Haha..I will continue it for march..He~~For the pictures,have to wait loo...Hehe..Thanx 4 reading..And Shuk..Sorry la with the words..Use la cermin mata if u read my blog..Hehe..But thanx..

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Reviews Marrathon...

No #20

7 February 2010

I know its been so long that I did not update my blog.So sorry,especially to abe salak..Sorry..This days I am so busy with everything,quiz,test, homework...Koko...Busy me..Well,yah!!Sem 2 what..And it almost chinese New Year and HOLIDAY!!
Okay,here are the reviews of the things that happened to me this few busy days..Enjoy reading it,I think...

20 January 2010

Well,that time,we all planned to have our dinner with the 'Guys'...Haha..It was a very great moment though..I will never forget it until the rest of my life.At that night we planned to get out dinner that near to our flat which is also near to the surau there.So,we arrived at the place, and the surrounding is great,more privacy I guess, but not until we came there..Haha,budak Mechy buat kacau la...Apa lagi!!Then,after we sat,Keol came first,haha,it was not so long to see keol.Well,he is still him.I review back and I found out that I don't have any same class with Keol.Wa punyalah plan Keol nak sama class..But it turned out that we both not a classmate anymore.Huhu.Then,Ajiz came,and then,Abe!!Mat Arif,Din(I cannot believed that he came too..Haha,muka tebal datang jga,hehe,sorry Din,but still,you are almost welcome to join us there,biar gamat suasana!!),then,lastly,siapa lagi if not Roy..The person that always came late la..Haha..We all ordered our food and drinks and chat and lough out loud.And people arround us staring at us..Haha...It was the best moment I have..Luv u guys..Luv my friends!!

21 January 2010

It was Thursday and yup,my schedule is so pack that day.Until 6 pm what...So so tired la..Before the afternoon session,Chikin asked her friend to stay for while at her room so we came there.Chikin's friend from sekolah rendah,at first,I wanna say that,she almost like my schoolmate.Her face kindda same as my friend.Haha,one of her kembar tujuh I guess..Then,we take a short rest there,and you wanna know what,she have this cute patung penguin and it was soft.So I took the picture of it.Haha..Then,we went to the class,and it was basic.Gosh...That lect is so nice and the way he teaches us is very understanding.I hope I can score back my basic,Amin...And thank Allah for giving a nice and understanding lec this time.Then,it was lab.I was so excited that day.It was the first lab I attended for the new group that I registered.At first,we both, Chikin and I were berebut-rebut to choose the group member so that we both can stick together(Sticky-sticky),and it turned out that we both were in the same group and we have the same group with our old classmate and Abe salak also include la!!!Haha...It was great and my headache at that time kindda decrease ehh...Haha..cuzz so excited to meet our classmate and I can played with the equipment,me like very much..Even Chikin also told me that she was shoked seeing me became so excited and bersemangat that day..Haha...

22 January 2010

My father came that day!!And even my car arrived!!Wah..I was so excited to get my car that day but it end up that I will get my car the next day.Even to see my father also I have to extended another day,cuzz he was busy about getting the car from the kastam..Waa...Lama lohh...Until 10 pm he have to stay there to get my car.Huhu..How frustrated la..Not much to tell this day..Just that my father came and my car have arrived that made me happy.

23 January 2010.

So,this day,my father promised me that he came and bring my car.Hehe..Not eventually my car la..My father's car and I borrowed it from him.Oh,it was Viva actually,suits me le...Small,and even her owner also small..Hehe..Like like..So that afternoon,my father came and my foster brother also came.And when I came down from my flat,I saw both of them busy to letak the sticker 'P' at my car..Hehe,Im still P person la...Then,I tried to drive my car for the first time here at Shah Alam.At first very kekok la..Cuzz,before that,I never drived Viva,I drived Altis only when I'm at Miri.That Viva supposed that,my father's car when he was at Sabah.Now,I knew a good news that,he will posting back to Miri.Yey!!I'm happy for my mom.At least,there someone will teman her if one day my brother also left them to continue his study just like me.Back to the story,at first,my father told me that,we all will go to midvalley and I have to drive it there..Wah!!Punya Shocked!!!Memang terkejut,first time driving the car,and I have to drive all the way to midvalley?!!No way!!Then,Thank God,it was very late,so they changed planned and we went to PKNS.My so called big brother,wanted to go to BSN.So I hantar him there,then,my father bring me out to eat,and we went to the MASALAM that day to eat.But after went to BSN tadi,my big bro took over and drived the car...Abit bored but still felt excited...I have my own car.....hua!!!

24 January 2010.
Arggh!!I fetl a bit mad that time..You wanna know why?Well at first I knew that my father came here cuzz he get her off day from work and he wanted to see the badminton match here.And he even told me that he will came to pick me at the afternoon.I kemas-kemas awal but it ended up that they came at night pulak...I was so very the mad that day.Then,I receieved a call from my father telling that he will came more like 10 minutes,so I relieved.At that time also,I'm alone...My housemate went out to have thier dinner,and me,I thought that I would went out have a date with my father but he came late...Oh..So mad...La...Then,I'm ready all the thing and I got another call from my father and he told me that,he waited for so long and I didn't went down yet to meet them..Wah..Pnya lagi panas darah I ni..And I kindda shout a bit at him by telling that,"can't you just wait for just moment?!!I waited for you from that afternoon but yet you told me that he waited for me for so long?!!"Then,I'm off..And along the way in the car,I'm so badly in mad at my father.I even mogok...Went to sunway to search for my shoes since my father wanted to but it for me.But it ended up that every shoes that he chose was not my choice.Even he also fed up with me..Sorry dad...Then,we went to eat..And the food was not really good..Made my blood became more panas lagik!!Argghh!!Mad....

25 January 2010

First time for sure to bring my car to my U..Hehe..It was fun..I guess...Even Mat arip kept asking me if I could give him tumpang with my car..Haha..But nope...Hehe...And my new cabaran was..To get parking...Wah...So crazy la the way that U control the parking.Supposed there was more parking near our fac and it turned out that students can't parking there..Punya lah banyak parking kosong..And the lec itself didn't go there parking...Heh!!Sudah terang-terang ada parking x pkai....Bek bgi student kan senang...Beh!!Fine..Watever...

26 January 2010.

Still about this parking thingy...What A life!!I was more like berperang wif others to get parking.And cuzz we was so late,and I parked my car tepi jalan near the melati..And when we finished class..You wanna know what?I got my first saman!!Shit!!I just got my car and then I got my first saman in my whole life...Gosh!!!What the fish la!!Grrrr!!!And along the day I kept thinking about how to prevent the saman thingy and how to get parking..Huhu..Oh yah...Among all the guy,my classmate..Roy got to tumpang my car first..Haha..And he sempat teased me again...Saying that he should used safety belt at the back...Beh...Fine...Then,after finished the class,we all went to buy our dinner..And we went to restaurant that near the bintang there..And that time,there was fogging..Gosh...The restaurant close the door..And we all inside the restaurant..He~~The rest...Is usual..

27 January 2010.

Okay r8 now I wanted to pay the saman thingy...Since there was only one class...So It was kindda free..So we went to the pusat keselamatan.And I paid for the stiker and the saman as well..At first I thought that I don't have to pay for it but my instict told me to do so...So I asked all of them,and they said depended on me..Since yesterday I felt so tak tenteram.Yes I am.So,right there,I faced it and paid the saman..Fiuh!!Then,we went to PKNS..Chikin there wanted to post her picture to renew her license.Em...Well,I also thought about renewing my license since I will no longer a 'P' person until 21 august...Then,after that,we thought of getting our lunch there,but it felt the same..The food and all that.Then,someone made up an idea to go to Sunway...Hem...Sepala yg buat idea tu ya...Then,Liya was so excited and she called her mother to asked the way to go there..I felt so nervous cuzz that would be my first time out of Shah Alam also and went to Sunway...Oookaayy...Then...We all men redah je la...Hahaha...And it end up that,we arrived at the sunway...Yey!!Then,we went to eat there...I was delicious..We went around-around the sunway...Ehehe..And don't forget Tako yaki....Slurrpp....Lovely doh...And at one time,we went to see people playing ice skating..Gosh!!It was kindda romantic doh,when people with their own couple or mate playing together and this song called 'Two better than one' was playing.Oh my God!It was so romantic..I hope that someday that I will play with my dream guy skating together,amin...'You always be in my heart my dream..'The rest,It was a fun moment...

28 January 2010

Pack?Yes my scedule is pack...That day..Though it was very tiring day...But It was a great day for lab..Haha...The next lab we played with the pressure..Wah...And the instructor also kindda sporting..Although he looked like as if he was strict but still,he is nice...Haha...Then,it happened that someone gave a fully kerjasama that day..And after kena tegur and kena tengking wif Chikin,he changed sikit-sikit..Hope so la...Then,we ended up making a promise that everyone must went to the fac and we all must do the report all together.Then after the class,we went to have our dinner at the ABE's restaurant...Haha...not Abe salakla...I ate mee Tom yam..Hem...The taste..not really that good la...

29 January 2010..

Arggghhh!!I got stomach-ache..Ohh...So painfull..Then,I didn't went to the class that day..The whole day I kept sleeping to hilangkan my pain..Huhu..Maybe because of the mee tomyam I guess...Huhu...Thank God that Chikin gave me the medicine to eat...Huhu....Dah siap2 dengan pkai baju kurung lagi tu...Huhu...Since this day I didn't went to class,so not really much to tell..Huhu...

30 January 2010..

First time went to attend the Koko..Hem...Entrepenuer..Wah..Berbelit lidah...Haha..Its all about doing business la...Hem...At first we didn't knew where should we go..Then,after asking people and other.It turned out that it was at the Intekma...Hem..Then,we went there..Hem..What to say ha..That day,it was very few people and the lec seemed to condemn us...Smpai hati..Huhu...But she directly condemn mechy student la...Amboi...Don't play-play wif us...Then,we got one news that we have to do presentation and report on interviewing usahawan..Wahhh....We didn't knew anything since before that we have to attend this module...Huhu....So we didn't knew anything and it tunred out that this Entre something was kindda tough and skema...Mak aihh...Wat to do la.....Have to face it...We all chose this so...Face the reality...Huhu..Then,it happened that Liya there..Became the 'ketua' for the club..Haha..Tengok-tengok...Who will be the class rape..Budak mechy jugak..Haha...Liya bangga la tu...*Hidung kembang*..Haha...JK...

Note:I will continue after I have my study on fluid first...Then,I will update again...Hehe..To be continue...Don't worry,I will update it with the picture skali..Chow chin chow..

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quizzz or Eazzz...Or dizzyy..


19 Jan 2010

Quiz!!That day was quiz!!The first quiz that I attended with Chikin,and that time,we both were sick!!Wah!!Orang sakit buat quiz,how was that?Before this day,we both tried our best to revised back by doing the past year,since our lec said that she will giving the quiz and the questions will be all in the past year.So,we did it!!Demam2 but we did some revised on the past year,ehe!!Then,as usual that morning,I prepared to go to the class,but unfortunately Chikin can't went to the class that morning,and so,it were be me,Liya and Zati that going to the class,that morning.But Chikin said that she will be attending the afternoon class.So,when we were walking to go to the comercial centre,Liya there,told me that all of us should just walking to the fac,but at that time,I was sick and I really did felt headache,and it was RAINING!!Liya,truthfully,I felt a bit mad at you that time,sorry to say,but I really can't make it that time,and when hearing what she told me,she tried to pujuk me,but me,apa lagi buat muka lah and Zati noticed and she said that we all should just took the bus,since the bus already there.So,we crossed the road in the raining,with me feeling sick!!Then,when in the bus,I asked Liya if she mad at me,she said marahlah,but not seriusly,sorry Liya...I really can't make it that day.I Doo need the bus!!Then,when arrived at the fac,I made kerenah again,haha,I knew that Liya and Zati would felt mad at me that time,but yalah,when I feeling sick,I will become manja..Hehe..Really aa..Walaupun anak sulong,*blushing*..Hehe..I'm the only girl bah!!That time,it was fluid class,and I really didn't like the way that the lec always asked his students,and me,of course don't like being asked infront the other students that I didn't knew much..So at first,all 3 of us sit at the back,but then Zati told us that if we sit at the back,afraid that the lec asked us to go infront so it was the same,then,they both wanted to sit infront,at first theere also have other sit infront ,but me at that time told them that I didn't like to sit infront!I didn't want to be asked by him..I just DIDN'T LIKE IT!!Then,Liya and Zati apalagi,I knew they both mad at me,and that made Zati told me that both of them already beralah with me,ok I know its my fault,but about the bus,I really need it ok,and I didn't want to beralah for that...Sorry to say again..But about the sit,Ok,sincerely my bad...Sorry for both of you guys!!Have to layan me..Hehe..Orang sakit selalu nk bermanja..Me lah apalagi..Soooorrryyy dengan adik mu yang manja lagi comel amma,and mama(their nick name in our everyday life)Then,after a while in the fluid class,I knew that Zati tried to pujuk me,nampak sangat,sometimes I felt as if I wanna lough at that time seeing that Zati always pandang2 me,when I'm mad,I didn't want people to talk to me,cuz I wanna cool down myself first,yalah people said,when you mad everything will turned bad also..So,I silenced my self and I didn't want to talk to them,but after a while I started to talk to them.I didn't wanna cause a chaos there ok..So I tried to be peace to all..Hahah,you don't wanna know if I really feel mad at someone..Really,and sincerely..If I feel mad,habislah...But patience is the cure,so I tried to be patience...Then,at the afternoon Chikin arrived and we went to the Mawar to pray after we ate.So at that time I already baik-baik with them,its my attitude like that,I don't want to be musuh with my friends,it is very hurt you know.And don't ask me,I felt before so many times..And I don't want the history to berulang lagi,never and DON'T WANT!!It really hurt my feeling cause always me being mangsa and I don't want..Then,in the surau,I felt again the sickness...I got a very bad headache that day,but thank goodness la,not seterok like before.Hm..It is in my blood kot..I mean,my family always get the migrane thing,and my family also got one penyakit..And in my mother side it was ekot relation..So I think it was penyakit keturunan..I don't wanna tell you what the penyakit is...But still,it might be dangerous but might not..and I hope that I won't get the penyakit,amin..Ok back to the story,after that,me and chikin went to the basic class and then the last class was the calculus class.During the quiz time,oh before that,I can't believed that,the questions that we needed to do was the question that I and Chikin already made at the night before..Alhamdulillah..I got all answered..It was eazzyy...But on the other hand,since the lec went out during the quiz,ada lagi yang sempat bertanya..Haha..Mat Arip,be sincere..Halal...Remember that..But thanx to chikin also,I made one mistake in writing the number,so Chikin tegur me..Thanx Chikin!If not,salah lah my answere..Hehe..But although mat Arip always asked us,he eventually tought other as well..Haha..I looked at him and I loughed but at that time someone noticed it.The person that sat beside mat Arip,a friend of mat Arip saw me,and he also smile and he told mat Arip that I was watching him and lough,mat Arip also lough la...And you wanna know what,that guy tadi kindda cute..Haha..I called him blue berry guy...Ok..Haha..Then,after the class finished,suddenly,mat Arip called me,and I turned back since I already wanted to go out from the class,and it turned out that blue berry wanted to borrow my nte,I told him that I didn't think that he would understood my writing,but he wanted it also,so,I let him borrowed..But right now I need my note!!!Then,after giving him my note,Mat Arip took his handphone and showed me something,he showed the calendar and it was pointed on 19 Nov..So he asked me what date is that,so I smiled and asked him why..He kept asked me..Haha,ofcourse I knew that date.My birthday,tarikh keramat tu!!19 Nov,I'm here in this world..Haha,and I didn't knew how would mat Arip knew that was my birthday..How he knew that??Then,me and chikin went to the bus stop and waited for Liya and Zati.Liya told me something about pineapple,kesian Liya,didn't get the same group with pineapple during the lab.Hehe..And as for Zati,her sweet heart also in the same class but different group,so cuci mata je lah 2 orang ni ha...Haha...Me,always cuci mata punya..Haha cuzz I still don't have the special one to focus on..So every guy that I feel attractive,I apalagi cuci mata la..Haha..Then,as usual,we went back and my headache still didn't world was diizzzzyy..

Thursday, January 21, 2010



18 Jan 2010

Sick?!Yes..I'm Sick!!Until now I still fill so sick!!Huhu..And not after that,Chikin got sick too.I got fever and headache!!Ouch!!So hard oo...After that,Chikin got my virus and she got sick but kindda teruk jugak that time.But still,we went to the class,as usual.But nothing special that day.Really,cuz we felt sick.No excitement.Although we didn't have some mood,but Zati and Liya still lighten up our mood,Zati captures pictures of me helping Chikin(which both of us did really feeling sick at that time)urut her hand cuz she felt dizzy.Haha..Cam funny jak..I helped Chikin urut her hand but me also pening that time..Hua~~

Then,Zati captured picture of Chikin with Domo..Haha..X da krja.Oh yah,we already got our first it turned out that,our ustazah was the person that gave us ceramah when we were in sem 1,Time LDK also..Hehe..She's nice eehh and funny..Thank God!That our lect is ok..Then,since ustazah have to cancel our class,she still had her time to come to the class and told us that that day didn't have class,and I have hutang with Lambert guy!!Hehe..Titas book la..Apalagi..Hehe,then,we went to eat and we went to akak's room to rest.Chikin slept that time cuzz she can't take it..She need rest.Then,me and zati read comics and Liya with mag..Then after that we went to the class..On the way to the fac,I found strawberry!!!Happy?Yes I'm Happy..Abe Salak already knew who he is..Hehe,Abe,ssshhh!!Keep the secret.Wah..Cuci mata.Then,when arrived at the fac,we waited for the lift,and there he was standing at the first lift..Hehe..Cuci mata lagi!!<33..then,after that the class was finished and we did the usual rutin..But that night I had a headache..Oh God!!I'm so sick of My SICK!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diet Much!!


17 Jan 2010

Diet??Yes!!All of us diet much that day except Zati.Well,on that morning,Zati accepted a call from her mom,and her mom said that she will be at our flat more like 5 minutes.And at that time,Zati still haven't got her shower yet,and her mom told her to siap faster!!And Zati apa lagi,mandi kerbau aka burung jga..Haha..So fast ow..So when her mom arrived,left 3 of us.At first we planned to have lunch with Mat Arip,but unfortunately,have to cancel it..So frustrated la!!Then,we took another to cook Mee Sedap..Haha..And you wanna know what,we only had lunch with only one Mee Sedap!!And one egg rebus,dived to 4..How was that?Diet much!!Then,we all going sleep cuz nothing to do..At night pula,we all felt hungry,and mak already came.We all 4 of us wanted to go to the Medan Selera and ate there.We walked there and we were impressed with the food.

I ate nasi putih and Tom Yam and Sayur Kangkumg belacan.And I can't believed that Liya didn't like the sayur.Hey,it was nice!!Sedap!!Not too diet much!!Then,when we went back,there was a suprised!I think..Mira brought her TV to our flat,but the TV is not that terang..Huhu..Then,Zati came,and she brought so much food...Haha..Diet much!!

1)Nice kan that building..
2)Sedap my food for that night!!
Budak 2 orang yang kelaparan..

Sunday, January 17, 2010



16 JAN 2010

That day was suck!!Yes!!Why?Here I tell you the story..On that saturday,we had LDK!!And it was so lame,cuzz I thought that LDK was so wasting time,so wasting everything,also bak kata Syafwat,buang air pn ada..Haha..Then,that morning,I was so rushing and I was the last person to take my shower..Oh GOD!!Then,when everything settle,I wanted to lock my door room,and yes!!I locked it but wait!!When I was outside of our grill house,I remembered something,my key!!My key that also together with my room's key was inside my room that was also already being LOCKED!!!Shit!!How I wanted to open back my room's door if my key was inside my room!!Blurr..And a bit dumped!!It was so suck!!Even Chikin was also shocked and that day,I thought,Chikin like in bad mood already..Me also ok...In bad mood!!I tried to relax but my head was spinning..Argh!!Then,we arrived at the fac and when to the 8th floor to get some food..And upstairs I saw Cherry with his geng!!Then,I don't him to noticed so I looked at my friends and wanted to ignore him...Argh!!Then,we went to the dewan kuliah..And when enter the kuliah,I saw him again,and ran my eyes off him..Don't want to look at him!!Then,all of us five sat at the middle..Then,when the ceramah started,it was kindda bored!!But the penceramah was nice,and he also made joke and that made us lough!!Chikin on the other hand,was chatting with Zati,and she was always kept her eyes on her 'Durian' guy!!Haha..And she sempat took his picture..Haha..Senyap2 la!!Hehe..Ehh..Sssshhh!!!Then,as for Liya,she tried to call the owner of our flat,but still can't.And you wanna know what,Liya told me that she had a bad feeling about the owner...Ohhh...Liya was worried about the owner..Haha,so sweet,then,a minute later,the owner can be reached and he finally picked up the phone!!Fuhh!!Then,Liya told him about the door thing,and he said he was at Johor,and he will came to met us 3 days later..Oh my God!!That was so late!!I can't wait until 3 days!!I need my stuff in my room!!Then,the ceramah still continued,and all about the MIM..and skip that,and we finished!After that we went to the class for the LDK session..Then,thankfully me and akak were the same group.And our FC was a guy..Then,our session continued with so much boring activity..And thank goodness that,some of the guy in the group can made joke,and that lighten up the mood!!Haha,they were funny!!Then,we had a break and we went to the 8th floor to get food!That time,it was fulled with so many people!!Argh!!Suck!!And while me and akak were waiting for our turn to get the food,I saw pineapple and infront of me was gedik gurl!!Ahh!!Whatever!!I kept looking at gedik gurl,and I kept looking at pineapple...Dalam hati,I thought and talked to myself that hopefully that gedik gurl,jgn ganggu pineapple cuzz pineapple just only for Liya!!OK!!UNDERSTOOD??!!Then,just a while,pineapple felt that I saw him,and he again made me annoyed!!With his voice again!Arghhh!!Then,pineapple shout akak's name out LOUD!!What the...And when I saw at the back,there was trolley brought our food there..Fuh!!Then,when it was our turned..I got the container,and I turned back to get out from the crowd!!Oh yah,I almost forgot..while waiting,I met abe salak..Haha...Then,when turned around I saw Keol,and Keol tried to take my food,heish!!Then,I saw pineapple and I showed him my food and after that he was shouting at me and it was loud!!KURANG ASAM NYA PINEAPPLE!!Everyone knew kot!!Bongok!!Then,escape from the crowd we went to DC and I ate my food..We went to pray at Melati.Then,continued the LDK..Arghh!!Everyone already felt tired and didn't have mood to play the game...But thanx again to guys in the room,they made us lough!!After that,we went back and we wanted to wait for Liya at the bus stop.Liya still not showing up!!Haii.lambat tol..We kept waiting and waiting and untill I saw someone.It was Cherry!!Oh no!!I don't want to see him,so I turned my head to look at zati,hope he didn't noticed me..Then,after a while I turned back my head,wusshh!!Where did he go?So fast he hilang,and I asked Zati and Chikin,where he go?But they also didn't noticed..Oh well..Then,Liya came and satu lagi hal..Bus to go to our flat did not came...Arrgghh!!So lama we waited so,we took the taxi..And since there were 5 of us in the taxi so he charged us,each of us have to pay 2 ringgit..Heh!!Ambik untung betul!!Dhlah garang jugak!!Hmph!!Mahal pulak tu!!Hmph!!Then,when arrived to our home sweet home,I tried to open the lock by using pin tdung,and can't..If using paper clip,then boleh lah,but then,Chikin can't took it anymore,so she borrowed our jiran nya hammer and pum!!Buk!!All the sound that we made cuzz we ketuk it with hammer..Haha..Felt like being a mechanical.And after a while,the tombol finally,pecah..Haha,ganaskan we girls..Then,Zati tried to pukul the other side of the tombol and it success..But still can't open the door cuzz something that hold at the dinding made it stuck!!The locklah yg lekat dekat dinding made it hard for us to open the door.Chikin thought she wanted to pecah saja the pintu,but then I took my turned to pukul the thing..using the screw and the hammer,I tried my best tu cungkil the hole,and the door became a bit longgar already,and so easily,I knocked the hole and push the door and wah!!The door open!!Haha..Liya called the owner about the door that we knocked!!And he was loughing to hear about it..Haha..Budak-budak perempuan yg ganas cam kami ni..Haha..merosakkan harta bnda orang..Haha..Then,apalagi,berlubang lah my door room..Haha..Then,at that night,I didn't online,and I watched movies with Zati,I thought that I wanted to eat maggie,but yet,I eat Zati's soup plak..Sorry Zati,sayang Zati lebih!!Haha..Pity zati!!Hehe..Then,lastly I watched My girl that night..I slept at 2 am oo...Hehe..




15 Jan 2010

As usual,as early as it was..And me n chikin did woke so early that day..That day,Liya and Zati slept after smyang Subuh.Cuz they didn't have any class that morning but at 10.30 am.So,it was only me and chikin and we have to woke up early so that we can go to the bus stop that near the comercial centre.So after berkemas,we went out from the flat and we walked.At that time I felt so peacefully,cuzz early kan.There were not that much jam,and the weather was nice.Awl-awl pagi felt so cold,and I remembered the moment when me and my family were having holiday at Shang Hai.I remembered walking at the street at Shang Hai that morning and it was cold,kindda exactly like at that time walking to the bus stop.Felt so peacefully.Then,when we arrived at the bus stop,we waited for the bus,and you know what,when the bus arrived,it stop exactly infront of us both..Haha..So we entered frst in the bus..Happy got the seat first.Then,went to the class.It was calculus first.So kurang la student that came for her class.We just like in the tuition.Haha,but it was ok.Shes nice,but next week we have quiz..Wa~~Then,it was fluid class,at first I thought that lec was,em,I don't know,kindda bored.And I hate when the part where he asked students about bla bla bla...Not so peaceful ek..Then,for our lunch that day,we went to Mc D..Hehe..All 4 of us using jaket mechy plak tu..Haha..While walking to the Mc D,we being hon!!You wanna know who,it was Syafwat!!And his expression macam muka orang tak puas hati..Haha,can't believed that he knew us dari jauh..Haha..He was using his motorcycle that and purple baju melayu..Haha..Then,we all went back to our flat.Then,we like so tired and we slept.At night,I was adding my slide,and as you see it in my blog,I added some of my pics and others were my family and cuzz..Hehe..Then,at that time I was also chatting with abe salak!!Huhu..He told me about his late friend.I felt sorry for him.Takziah abe.Then,I told him my story.About someone that special to me,very indeed special to me even my best friends did not knew that I like that guy,even that guy also don't know I like him.Then,Liya came in to my room,and I told her the story all about that guy.I felt so sad thou.And at the same time,I didn't replied abe's msg at ym.So,he kindda worried..Haha..Sorry abe!!Tgh khusyuk cerita ng Liya about that guy.Liya knew everything already about him,and she was also felt sorry.Then,I was hungry so I went to the ruang tamu with zati,and abe on the other hand felt so worried and Liya had lied to abe saying that I was so touching and can't stand the sadness..Haha..Abe,I'm ok la that time,don't worry..Haha,Liya took over and chatted with abe..Then I came back after while,and I continued chatting with abe that night..Haha..But whats more important,I hope that guy will always be in a peacefully although he was in the other side of our world,same as abe's friend.Al fatihah for them..

Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucky or Disaster?


14 Jan 2010

Well,this day Liya and Zati already woke up early to go to their first class at 8.30.And as for me and Chikin,our class only start at 10.30 am.At the bus stop,it seemed that I met this one guy,and I was shocked that I met him again at our flat bus stop.I don't know why,I keep meeting him since in the matrics oo..I still remember that I met him during matric,I met him when there was an examination since his name started with 'N'.Then I found him again,at the airport Sabah,then,I met him again at the cafetria,then'after that I kept met him again,until I come to the U..I met him again at DC,met him again when I went to KL..And..Agrh!!!So many!!Lucky or disaster,I don't know..Ok,skip the story,we continued back the part where we went to the fac..and yet,we came so late and we thought that the class already started.So did we thought,when we arrived,it seemed like our lect for the subject still did not came to the class since last week!!Ouch!!Disaster??Kindda!!Then,we all five of us went to sksyen 2 to eat,oh yah,I almost forgot,Roy,our classmate with his habit that always came late,came to the class and when we told him that the lect did not came,he smiled..Haha,"Ish,sia-sia saja saya pgi klas ni..Baru mau bersemangat ni!"Haha,pity him..Then,we ate and went back to the fac but the class still havent started yet.

Liya's and Chikin's lunch of the day..

So we went to akak's room to rest.Then,after the nice rest,arrived at the fac I thought that I felt so lucky that day,I met 'strawbery' guy!!Wah,he so cute!!Ehe..Gatal skjap!!But I heard that that strawbery guy always being chased by girls because he so jambu!!So,I don't care much about him,just cuci mata lah..Then,we waited for the lift,and while waiting,the starwbery guy came and he passed me and stand not further than me..Ehe,happy...Lucky ha?But then,there were a lot of people waiting for the lift,Chikin tried again and tekan the button,and it happend to be the lift's button became sot!!So,time was running out,and we kindda late at that time,so Chikin said we have to take the stairs,and we went up until level 9!!Arghh!!So tired and we did not stopped while walking the stairs!!I thought I was lucky that day,but not!!Then,when arrived at the basic class,I felt a bit blur when our lect tought us about the first chapter in basic!!Maybe because of the tiredness,so I forgot a little bit about that chapter..Ehe,then,after that class,we went back and that time it was rain..Woo..I can't stand the rain,I will easily fallen sick when terlalu terdedah with rain.Right now also I felt kindda sick,macam nak demam2..Then,after came back to the flat,I went to sleep.Huhu..Ngantok deh!!And I felt so cold!Then,after a while,mak and Mira arrived and all of us went to Mak's room and we talked and talked..Lough and lough..Then,Liya,Chikin,Zati and Mak planned to go to the warung wanted to eat there,I have decided,and I did not wanted to follow them,so I stayed in my room and so did Mira.That time,I was chatting with abe..Haha..Abe thanx cuzz read my blog!!Then after a while,they arrived back and brought the food..And you wanna know what,something happend to them when at the warung.They told me that,at the warung,when eating thier dinner,a coacroach flew near them,and Chikin there,apalagi!!Shout out loud!!And that made everyone around to look at them..Haha,famous skjap!!Then,Liya there brought back the food home and continued to eat her food with me and mira.And while eating the food,we have some new news,Mira our housemate has some shoking news..Before 2 weeks,she was single and after that night she told us she already have bf..Haha..More like a week before..she already has bf..Haha..So,that makes five of us housemate still single..Haha..Then,Zati on the other hand,also has a shoking news...Ehem...someone luahkan her...Wah..She kept blushing and then,she felt headache after she knew the news...Haha..Pening fikirkan prasaan..Haha..Sorry Zati..But,what I wanna tell you here,takkan lari gunung dikejar,kalau ada jodoh..adalah tu.I also only think that way..Although still single,I don't really feel afraid about who I'm going to be with..because stiap orang ditetapkan dengan pasangan masing-masing,right??I just wanna enjoy my teenage and U life first..That think later..Haha..And that night,I was chatting with abe and we talked about marriage thing..termasuk Liya and pineapple!!Haha..Abe thought the two of them were good together,and he prayed that both of them will end up being a married couple..Abe..Amin ok!!And all of us pun agreed also..Amin!!And Abe you should marry first before us..Tak nak langkah bendul whether the situation is lucky or disaster...Hehe..Amin everyone!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

What the...


13 JAN 2010

First class was CSC..Wah so so sleepy lo early at the morning.Before the lect came,I sit beside Chikin,and there,someone so annoying sit at the back..Ahh...What the...You wanna know who...Siapa lagi.!!Pineapple guy..And he was so annoying!!Ah!!!What the...Then,whenever I turned my head at the back..He was so so annoying...Padahal simpan barang jak pun!!Hish!!Annoying guy!!Suka cari pasal!!Beh!!Then,when I turned back again to take my pencil bag,he again,with his loud voice..Membebel tak tentu pasal..Ko apehal?!!Huh!!Then,there was part where suddenly,there other student came to the class,so the pineapple there,came from back and sit beside me!!Ahh!!Pnganggu hidup orang!!He kept disturbed me and annoyed me..Arghhh..And at that time also,people kept staring at us..Benci!!!!Then,at the same time,zati was whispering and that made the lect to mmbuka ceramah..Poor zati...So,we all became silence after that,and same did Pineapple there..Huh!!Aman hidup aku..Oh yah..Before that,I met Orenji..Oh my god..Was he not using his glasses...Huhu...But what can I do..He has someone,so,huhu..Arghh!!Biar la..Then,after class we went back since we only have one class..Zati and Liya and also Chikin were so excited to play the Left 4 dead 2..Haha..And you know what,Zati and Liya's room just like in archade lah pulak..Haha...Tempat CC game...Wah!!So loud ar they play..But as for me,I lay my head on Liya's tilam and poop!!Tido..Haha..Same as Zati..Haha...I slept so long eh...Then,I woke up and wanted to pray..And I slept again after that haha...What the...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010



12 Jan 2010

This day,as usual,we went to class but this time,we planned to go to the bus stop which was near the pusat comercial.There all of us walked and when arrived to the bus stop,it seemed that we were lucky..Yah right!!Then,we followed our U's bus but then,when arived to seroja...We being kicked out from the bus..Ouch!!Grrr!!We were so late at that time and the class has already started..Then,we took the rapid bus to go to our fac.After that,what happend next,we went to the class,and at that time,it was almost at 9 am..And it turned out that the lect never came to our class,AT ALL!!Gosh that suck!Sia-sia we woke up early..Beh!!Than,we wanted to eat so we went to Barra..with kakak Lida ofcourse.After we ate,we asked kakak Lida to come to our flat and rest there,since our class would be at the afternoon.Akak agreed and we went back walking.Oh!!I almost forgot..When we were walking,we have to wait for the traffic light since there were a lots of cars nowadays.While waiting,me and zati have cought on eye on this handsome guy in one of the car...We both saw him..Haha..Gatal noo...Then,when arrived at our flat..Apalagi!!Went to sleep la...So tired and so ngantok!!Hua~Then,me and chikin planned to skip basic class since we have to do something for the register thingy...We went to class after Liya and zati already go.Then,we walked to the bus stop.Don't know why,Chikin felt that she wanted to call akak.And guess what..After we already lock our house..And all,it seemed that akak was actually still in our flat.Haha..We left akak TRAPPED in our flat..Nasib-nasib..Haha..Kesian akak!At that time she still sleeping during me and chikin wanted to prepare to go to the class..Haha..Then,we went back..LOL..Seeing akak that still in Liya and zati's room..Haha..Then,we went to fac to register and helped other that pemalas utk register their own name..Hehe...Siapa terasa tu maaf la ya..Then,during that time,something that very made Chikin happy happened..She met someone that she trully wanted to meet that day..Haha..Chikin you blush so redly!!Macam muka apple...Haha...She always smile untill we went back to flat..Still smiling...Haha..Oh yah!!Something happend with the register thing..Keol happened to cut Arif and Roy's name on the list..And put his name on it..Haha..Zati already told him not to cut the guys name,but Keol don't really understand..Ahh..Sudah...Haha..So zati mad at Keol,and Keol wanted to apologized to her..Haha..Then,Keol felt sorry and offered Zati to buy food..Belanja la..Haha..Alah,Keol kan sayang zati..Hehe..JK..Then,you want to know what,at first Keol wanted to blnja zati only,but it happened that Keol blnja all of us four...Wah...Syg Keol Lebih!!Thanx to zati and Keol..We got free dinner that night..He~~

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking like hell!!


11 Jan 2010

First class was at the morning and we have to woke up EARLIER!!KONON la!!Haha..Then,we rushed to the bus stop,and there,were so many other student waited for the bus!!We stayed there for awhile and you know what,everytime the bus pass by,all full with other students!!Then,we gave up and we took another plan.And our plan were to walk from our flat to fac!!Waa...So tired!!Plus,we using our mechy jacket..And fuh!!So tired and sweating a lot..Ahh...!!!Bau!!Then,when arrived at the fac,the lift buat hal pulak...Hua~So soi lo...Haha..N we decided to go to tingkat 10..And we went there by walking upstair..Ng tangga...Wa!!So soi!!Huhu...Then,when arrived there..There was one girl that have the same class with us..N,Chikin,Liya,zati..Buat x tau when she pass our table..Heh!!Whatever!!Soi lagi!!Then,we went to Akak's room to rest there,since on Monday..Our schedule was so pack!!And we rest there,and we slept at akak nye katil..Hehe..N you wanna know..Liya berdengkur!!Haha..So kuat untill,Chikin and Zati at the lantai bwah can heard it...Haha..Then,during the C++ class something happened to me and Liya..Ewah2!!Mcm ambil ksemptan btul...And I don't like that moment!!Grrrr!!!!Then,we went back..and that night,we have time to watch the movie..Hehe..Chikin,so tired..She slept earlier than us..Me on other hand,helped zati and Liya to wash and spin the clothes..Our washing machine is semi auto..Huhu...But not to mention..This day was my lovely cuzz's birthday...Hepi birthday dear,Syaza!!!Hope u have a lovely sweet 16!!



10 Jan 2010

This day,we met Liya's friend,Aini.Hm,Aini wanted to buy handphone so Liya,sukarelanya wanted to help her friend.So we,me,chikin,zati and Liya went to PKNS to teman them.So,we met at the PKNS.From there we wanted to eat first,so we went to Pizza Hut!!Yum!!Ehem!So there,was one guy the waiter look very tegap.Em,his face ok ok lah..Macho la.But one thing that he has is badan tegap.Not sasa.Liya has her eye on him..Haha..Liya gatal!!So we,me and Liya ordered pizza.One pizza,then,zati,Chikin and Aini ordered nasi.Chikin said she wanted to eat nasi.So ordered nasi lerr...We ate and wo...So so brrppp!!!Kenyang!I ate mushroom soup and bread,then I ate my favourite snack..yum,and I ate pizza..Ho...Sedap oo...Then we went to search for the handphone.And Liya with her sweet mouth,she helped Aini and the handphone that they bought only cost 400 ringgit only.Wah,Liya boleh bwa prgi runding harga!!Haha..Then,we went back and Aini followed us to our flat.Then,Liya and Aini talking talking at ruang tamu..Then,Mak on the other hand wanted to bring her almari.And at that day,Mak's parent also came.And you wanna know what,when Liya and Aini at the ruang tamu,without tudung,free hair..Mak's father came and pass them..Haha...Liya and Aini were both shocked!!And they just kept staring at mak's father blurly..Haha...Thank godness la mak's father tunduk while walking..Apa lah korang ni!!Haha..Then,at night after the rain has stopped,Aini went back to her flat.And that night I was planned to eat maggie and it turned out that mak's mother gave us laksa.Burrp again!!



9 Jan 2010.

Why must have something that block our weekend?!!Ahhh!!I hate...Okay,this day,we have to attend some kind of koko taklimat..N its bored!!Dahlah the registration had problem and then have taklimat pulak!!Suck!!Then,I and chikin have to prepared earlier.As for Liya and Zati,they went to flat that very morning.And Liya,brought her air liur busuk too..Haha..Then,we went to the dataran kawat by car with mak the driver.Hehe..Thanx mak!!When we arived there,you know what?I found that 'Cherry' guy!!Ahhh again!!I don't want to remember him again so I don't want to look at him with his friends there.So then we have to berkumpul there and we didn't knew what to enter for our koko.So we went to join the rumah tangga thing at first.And there were a lot of girls there.And from far we saw 'pineapple' guy..Liya apalagi!!Haha...Tembam oww pineapple!!Haha..Then,we went back home earlier cuzz the ustaz's voice,we can't hear anything what he said.So we buat de'!!Haha..Then,we went back by bus,wasting our time there doing nothing..Ahhh!!!And this day,I finished my novel and I want another novel!!!Ahh!!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrong time to class


8 Jan 2010

Okay we,and chikin were ready and prepare ourself to go to our class..And so were we thought,before that well,we releks releks jak sleeping..N we thought that our class was at 4pm and when we already siap-siap,Chikin,looked at the time table and you know what??We already really really late to class..No,mmg terlepas class pun..Haha..And we LOL that time.Haha..And beside that,Zati and Liya on the other hand were going back to zati's house..And they also can't went back to our flat cuz zati's mother can't took them back to our flat...Huhu..So,there were only 4 of us that night!Haha...N you know,the most pity was Liya,cuzz she dahlah don't have any clothes there,and did not have any toothbrush..Haha..She came back pun with her air liur basi!!Eeeeuuuuwww!!Liya with her busuk mouth!Hehe...And yah!!I made a record that night!I don't ate any maggie that night..I only ate biscuits,keropok,jeruk,burger that Mira our housemate gave to us both chikin and I ate aiscream,and that made my stomach already full!!Haha...No maggie for that night oww...Proud for my self...Haha...

Friday, January 8, 2010

Next class


7 Jan 2010

Okay,we went to the class at the morning...Using bus..Me and chikin only,yesterday we went to the class by car.Well mak lift us at the middle of the road at the roundabout and we have to walk all the way to the class...So tiring..Ohh..I wish I have my own car r8 now..Then..In the bus there were something happened..And I felt pity for that guy..Okay..Just before getting to the main gate of uitm..The bus ws getting to pass by that gate,and a long the way there were a group of guy walking there..And when the bus pass by them,there was a guy yelling,'BUS'!!And the driver did not stop.So pity la that guy with his esspression..He really does pity..But I also can't stand to lough with his esspression..Sorry..Then,we arrived to the fac..Then,the class we wanted to attend,the lect did not came..N it kindda waste of time..Then,me and Chikin went to the next class that was basic.Until then I felt so satisfied that the lect also kindda sporting.Its a guy..Ok..Then,the class finished earlier than we went to kolej Teratai,to visit akak..He~~She joined the army force so she got the kolej..Oh I almost forgot,we went to KFC that was not so far from our flat,yum2..Hehe..But then the chikin was not that yum oo..I don't know y...He~~Ok..Continue...There,we spend our time sleeping at her katil,hehe...Sorry akak..We have to spend time there to wait for our next class..Woa..So pack lo thursday..Then,after spending our nice short nap,we went to our class..and I found Keol and Aziz waited for their class..Then we went upstair and they also followed us there.The lect was so lembut but I knew her from my last LDK..She also nice..But hopefully she can teach us well for the thermo class,cuzz thermo is so tough subject.Huhu..At night pulak we all played uno..And u know what I won TWICE..Hehe.Then we watched I love Betty Copper..Watever her name was..

1st attend class


6 Jan 2010

Well,this day was the first day I went to the class,after emm...having my own holiday...Ehe..Its the C++ class oww..N well,the lect was very nice filled with her own expression,I think its pretty good.He...Well,in that class many new faces that I'm not that aware of..Some lah..Cuzz there are some guy that are from my own classmate from last sem.There are so sporting..Luv you guys..Some je la..Back to the story,well,in that class there was one guy that I have always looked at him since sem 1,but don't misunderstood first I thought that guy was from Sabah,I kept staring at him,I don't know why,but then I knew that he was from semenanjung..Oww..But then Chikin told me that there were so many jambu in that class..Chikin are you serious??Hehe...No one I think was jambu of my senior I think baru so jambu la..Hehe...Well,different people have their different opinion.Then,went back to our flat cuzz we have no class much that day...Fuh...Then at night,my housemate planed to go to the pasar malam..Wooo..I don't really like to go pasar malam,not my place la...But yet I felt very hungry and when I think about it,I really don't want to stay alone in the room by myself,so I follow them.Then,before we went to the pasar malam,it happens that I don't have any sandals or selipar jepun to go there and it turned out that I wear shoes to go to pasar malam,he...Styloo la tdi....AHAKS...When arrived,there were so many people and I felt the headache already,I'm not feeling well when I'm around with a lot of people,get the headache so easily.And I started to walk like stuweng already...Haha..Macam orang mabuk,cuzz mabuk many.Haha...Then,we bought the food and I stop at this stall that sold biscuits and all that,I found my mother's,my brother's, and my own favourite biscuits there..Yumm...Biscuit nanas...Hehe...Love the crunchy biscuits..And that made me remind of my family...Luv them so much...After that we went back to flat...We ate our food and that night as always..Layan movie..Oh..I almost forgot,chikin felt very proud that she can bent her hands to do the batman things..Haha..Chikin-Chikin...LOL..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010



5 jan 2009

Hm,what did I do yesterday?Okay so here,we planed to go to midvalley.Yes we did went there and you know what,we have to go for a long way to find the bus stop,ha!!Mmg!!N when we arrived,we have knew something about our class.We forgot that we have basic class that time!!Haha..Funny story,we still wnet to midvalley.A long the way,some moment I have remember about my classmate.Wah!Miss my classmate!!Some la okay!Well,a long the way,I was so silent!Hua~~Don't have mood to be talkative eeyy..He~~Don't know why.Kan I already told you,I might become the quitest girl in the world!Then when arrived at KL central,there we wanted to go to the base department to fetch for the train,and a long the way,Chikin on the other hand have been attracted to the offer of some guy about getting a free sim card.And Liya and Zati were walking very faster and they already getting on the escaltor.We left behind,Chikin still 'love' to hear about the offer,yes!I am there to rescue him from the hypnotise of the guy,haha!Batman!Or Batwoman come to the rescue..N yes chikin love to said Batman after we saw the game show of 2pm.Haha,lawak2!!Then,we went to the midvalley, and well,cuci mata.And there were part where we went to this store and we kept staring at this shoes.It was more likely made out of the snake skin,and when we realized something,it turned out to be that the other shoes were made of pig!!Ah!!We didn't notice okay!Not our fault!Thank God that our hand is kering,and Im so felt the sin of touching that 'snake' skin shoes!!Argh!!I'm sorry God!!Then,I went to the bookstore,and I still can't find the novel that I wanted!!Cis!That novel still new,and there were other new novels have sold there..Why didn't the novel that I wanted have not sell yet!??Arhgghh!!Grr!!And a long the time,we have fun...He~~

Go Shopping


4 Jan 2010

Tuesday...Okay so our friend Sarip wanted to help us to give the ride to Sacc..Wah..A long the way he just follow us everywhere we go..Hm,poor guy.Then we went to the book store.I luv that smell of book,macam bau cina!!Haha..Sarawakian love to say new things that they bought have the 'bau cina'.Haha..Cuzz yaahh,Miri kan have a lot of chinese.They do a lot of their business there.So many chinese very rich there oo...Okay back to my story,well,after hang out and buy some of the book,well one novel and comic actually,I went to outside of the store and saw Sarip waiting for us,well,there also Liya there,Haha,Sarip gatal oo...Sorry Sarip,okay,there I want to kacau him and when we look below theres a group of girl.Then I ask him pick one of them,and he pointed at Liya,Hua~~~Liya liya..Okay I turned and said ooww you pick that guy,the DJ guy ofcourse haha..And I keep pointing at him,and it turned out that he seemed to know that I was talking about him,so he saw us up there,andthen thats made us lough!!And when Zati and Chikin arrived,Sarip made the statement upside down,and it turned out that as if I like the DJ because I pointed at him,and so,theres a misunderstood there,Okay yuck!!That DJ already perasan ok!!Haha..But still,that day is a nice day!We went to shopping and lots of things..He~~Esspecially Chikin's things.She did shopping a lot there.He~And at night,we watched Boys Over Flower untill well,2 am okay!!Never felt boring to watch romantic comedy series.Jun Pyo is such a sweet guy!But never win over Kim Bum okay!!Kim Bum rules!!Yah!!Love Kim Bum!!

Monday, January 4, 2010



Yesterday...Its a bit late to write my story.Well,yesterday a bit bzz lorr...I already at my flat n I know wat my cousin told me about 'luxurious' about my flat..Hua...Grrr...What to do...I need the flat and I have to accept it..N You know what..Yesterday is so making me down after I came to the flat..Huhu....A lot thing have to do here..N my room was shared with my friends,Ekin or chikin..Hehe...My room have table n tempat sidai baju..My father bought it...N haha...The only room that have a big study table..He~~Thanx to my dad..And when my dad left I felt the emptiness..Oh...Wlaupn not so comfy in this flat,but I noe when longer time I stayed here I will feel ok...I advised my self..Its ok..Its just 4 years,time will pass by eventually.So,don't worry.N I kept talking to myself dat day..Hua~~

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The next day on 2010


Okay,yesterday my friend told me about the flat..And you noe wat..The price is so high looo...Gla apa!!So many thing have to pay...N the bill so much mahal dari kolej...Mmg pun!!Haha...But wat to do...I need that flat.N I have to pay all of it..But so lame ooo that owner..Given the price so high...Aaaahhh...I noe this year is suck!!Really suck!!R8 now I'm still in my cuzz house..But tomorrow I have to be in my own flat.Have to clean it and yah..Must be there at 2 pm.Sharp...Ya lah tu!!But still cannot go there without that suck owner permission laa...Huuaaa...Wat to do..This year does suck!!So much suck!!!

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year 2010..


Well,see..Now it is new year again.N r8 now..More tough than ever...I mean EVER!!This blog is the new blog I made after the other one..Well the other one is for my stories that I made n yet...I still not update it..Hehe..Don't have much time ooww...But for this blog I made it to tell u the detail for what I have been through for this year...Really this year...Hua...Okay...My cuzz n her family after this will go to Sunway...Maybe..Want to watch movie....Chipmunk...Hua...Luv dat small chipmunk...Such cute!!Hm...must enjoy myself before the school starts...Huh?!Yes...N I have a lot more subject to study this sem!!N it sucks!!Before this can goyang kaki..N because of that..I got one fail..Not too fail..But have to repeat it.N I hate that subject!!Sorry to tell...It is sucks!!Haaaaaattttteeee iittt!!Well,I must be more serius this time oowww...Really!!I will!Jia You!!Fighting..Thats olll....