Friday, January 15, 2010

Lucky or Disaster?


14 Jan 2010

Well,this day Liya and Zati already woke up early to go to their first class at 8.30.And as for me and Chikin,our class only start at 10.30 am.At the bus stop,it seemed that I met this one guy,and I was shocked that I met him again at our flat bus stop.I don't know why,I keep meeting him since in the matrics oo..I still remember that I met him during matric,I met him when there was an examination since his name started with 'N'.Then I found him again,at the airport Sabah,then,I met him again at the cafetria,then'after that I kept met him again,until I come to the U..I met him again at DC,met him again when I went to KL..And..Agrh!!!So many!!Lucky or disaster,I don't know..Ok,skip the story,we continued back the part where we went to the fac..and yet,we came so late and we thought that the class already started.So did we thought,when we arrived,it seemed like our lect for the subject still did not came to the class since last week!!Ouch!!Disaster??Kindda!!Then,we all five of us went to sksyen 2 to eat,oh yah,I almost forgot,Roy,our classmate with his habit that always came late,came to the class and when we told him that the lect did not came,he smiled..Haha,"Ish,sia-sia saja saya pgi klas ni..Baru mau bersemangat ni!"Haha,pity him..Then,we ate and went back to the fac but the class still havent started yet.

Liya's and Chikin's lunch of the day..

So we went to akak's room to rest.Then,after the nice rest,arrived at the fac I thought that I felt so lucky that day,I met 'strawbery' guy!!Wah,he so cute!!Ehe..Gatal skjap!!But I heard that that strawbery guy always being chased by girls because he so jambu!!So,I don't care much about him,just cuci mata lah..Then,we waited for the lift,and while waiting,the starwbery guy came and he passed me and stand not further than me..Ehe,happy...Lucky ha?But then,there were a lot of people waiting for the lift,Chikin tried again and tekan the button,and it happend to be the lift's button became sot!!So,time was running out,and we kindda late at that time,so Chikin said we have to take the stairs,and we went up until level 9!!Arghh!!So tired and we did not stopped while walking the stairs!!I thought I was lucky that day,but not!!Then,when arrived at the basic class,I felt a bit blur when our lect tought us about the first chapter in basic!!Maybe because of the tiredness,so I forgot a little bit about that chapter..Ehe,then,after that class,we went back and that time it was rain..Woo..I can't stand the rain,I will easily fallen sick when terlalu terdedah with rain.Right now also I felt kindda sick,macam nak demam2..Then,after came back to the flat,I went to sleep.Huhu..Ngantok deh!!And I felt so cold!Then,after a while,mak and Mira arrived and all of us went to Mak's room and we talked and talked..Lough and lough..Then,Liya,Chikin,Zati and Mak planned to go to the warung wanted to eat there,I have decided,and I did not wanted to follow them,so I stayed in my room and so did Mira.That time,I was chatting with abe..Haha..Abe thanx cuzz read my blog!!Then after a while,they arrived back and brought the food..And you wanna know what,something happend to them when at the warung.They told me that,at the warung,when eating thier dinner,a coacroach flew near them,and Chikin there,apalagi!!Shout out loud!!And that made everyone around to look at them..Haha,famous skjap!!Then,Liya there brought back the food home and continued to eat her food with me and mira.And while eating the food,we have some new news,Mira our housemate has some shoking news..Before 2 weeks,she was single and after that night she told us she already have bf..Haha..More like a week before..she already has bf..Haha..So,that makes five of us housemate still single..Haha..Then,Zati on the other hand,also has a shoking news...Ehem...someone luahkan her...Wah..She kept blushing and then,she felt headache after she knew the news...Haha..Pening fikirkan prasaan..Haha..Sorry Zati..But,what I wanna tell you here,takkan lari gunung dikejar,kalau ada jodoh..adalah tu.I also only think that way..Although still single,I don't really feel afraid about who I'm going to be with..because stiap orang ditetapkan dengan pasangan masing-masing,right??I just wanna enjoy my teenage and U life first..That think later..Haha..And that night,I was chatting with abe and we talked about marriage thing..termasuk Liya and pineapple!!Haha..Abe thought the two of them were good together,and he prayed that both of them will end up being a married couple..Abe..Amin ok!!And all of us pun agreed also..Amin!!And Abe you should marry first before us..Tak nak langkah bendul whether the situation is lucky or disaster...Hehe..Amin everyone!!

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