Saturday, March 5, 2011

1 whole day,a disaster day!!

5 MARCH 2011

This is not the day that I had a nightmare..But it happened on 3
MARCH..Well,here the story..It goes when I woke up late that day..The night before,I was watching videos, n slept very late..Hee~~But thats not the point..The day after that,yes,the 3rd March..Everything went totally wrong..On that day,suppose I have only 1 class.Yes,only one class for this 1 day..Then,after I woke up,n bla bla bla..Finish everything,n Im totally I went to buy food wif Liya..There..b4 went out from our house,my tudung went wrong...Grrrr!!!What's up wif that tudung..Grrr...Then,even my blouse went wrong...Gosh!!Why were everything went wrong...Then,I wanted to put my lens on..N yes!!It went wrong too..I kept blinking my eyes..N still,I felt uncomfortable wif this lens..Heisshhh!!!I hate it..It made me go out late..Then,I bare wif it..Still,that lens made me mad!!!!Then,I bought my food,n ate it n we went to the fac..Its only me n Liya..Liya always kept quiet along the way to my fac..Even I caught on a jam..Gosh!!Why everything went wrong for this 1 day..Then,parking..Thank God,Mawar open..If not,Im sure get really mad..Parking.Heyy,parking also full!! Fuuhh!!Good,theres one..Then,we went to the fac walking,across the road..N arrrrggghhh!!!This lens made me angry!!Along the way,I kept making noise..Heiissshhh!!!N oh no!!!Why in the world I met with that guy??!!!Oh,hope that he won't notice me..FACT:That guy that I refer to is someone that is the same lab class with me..n he always bully me..Not really bully BULLY..Just,he really kindda annoying..I dont hate him anyway..He just someone annoying thats all..Nsb baik ko hnsem...X la sngt...Hua3~~Ehh..He had his hair cut la..Ok la tu..
Back to the point,well,he didn't see me that 1 day..N syuku
rla..If not,hbs la dia..When someone kacau me,n on that day,I totally upside down,then ofcourse,that person gonna be upside down jgak..Then,suddenly,Liya turned back and looked at me..

Liya:Ko nk pgi klas ke?

N on that day,I answered..NO!!!Even Liya don't want to go to the class..S
he also don't have mood to attend it..Hehehe..Amma pnyelamat ku.. :)
Then,we went to the cafe 2..N I bought teh ais to cool down
my mood..That's how we cool down when we felt mad..There also some other ways to cool down yourself,if u are in a very bad mood..Here my tips for u..

1.Have a cold drink..Choose drinks that u really like,and cho
ose drinks that is sweet..

2.If u felt really angry,ur body will feel very hot,even ur mind also HOT..So,u should take a bath or shower to cool u down..

3.For Muslims people,we know that,if u feel mad,take wudhuk, and read Al-Quran..U will feel relieved that way..

4.Zikir..Along my way to fac,that day,I always think about Allah..N it helped me to feel a bit cool down..

Well,all my tips is something that I prefer to do..Well,different people have their own ways..But hope this can help u also.. :)

Then,after taking some rest since it was really tiring day..Penat nek bukit tu..So,Liya told me to buy a new contact lens..N it is very comfortable to wear..

Then,we went to SACC..n bought it..n I felt ok..n that night,my broadband plak bwat hal..Heishh..This entire day for this one day..Always make me angry..Then,I closed my laptop,n I went to sleep..Then, END..