Wednesday, January 6, 2010



5 jan 2009

Hm,what did I do yesterday?Okay so here,we planed to go to midvalley.Yes we did went there and you know what,we have to go for a long way to find the bus stop,ha!!Mmg!!N when we arrived,we have knew something about our class.We forgot that we have basic class that time!!Haha..Funny story,we still wnet to midvalley.A long the way,some moment I have remember about my classmate.Wah!Miss my classmate!!Some la okay!Well,a long the way,I was so silent!Hua~~Don't have mood to be talkative eeyy..He~~Don't know why.Kan I already told you,I might become the quitest girl in the world!Then when arrived at KL central,there we wanted to go to the base department to fetch for the train,and a long the way,Chikin on the other hand have been attracted to the offer of some guy about getting a free sim card.And Liya and Zati were walking very faster and they already getting on the escaltor.We left behind,Chikin still 'love' to hear about the offer,yes!I am there to rescue him from the hypnotise of the guy,haha!Batman!Or Batwoman come to the rescue..N yes chikin love to said Batman after we saw the game show of 2pm.Haha,lawak2!!Then,we went to the midvalley, and well,cuci mata.And there were part where we went to this store and we kept staring at this shoes.It was more likely made out of the snake skin,and when we realized something,it turned out to be that the other shoes were made of pig!!Ah!!We didn't notice okay!Not our fault!Thank God that our hand is kering,and Im so felt the sin of touching that 'snake' skin shoes!!Argh!!I'm sorry God!!Then,I went to the bookstore,and I still can't find the novel that I wanted!!Cis!That novel still new,and there were other new novels have sold there..Why didn't the novel that I wanted have not sell yet!??Arhgghh!!Grr!!And a long the time,we have fun...He~~

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