Tuesday, January 12, 2010



10 Jan 2010

This day,we met Liya's friend,Aini.Hm,Aini wanted to buy handphone so Liya,sukarelanya wanted to help her friend.So we,me,chikin,zati and Liya went to PKNS to teman them.So,we met at the PKNS.From there we wanted to eat first,so we went to Pizza Hut!!Yum!!Ehem!So there,was one guy the waiter look very tegap.Em,his face ok ok lah..Macho la.But one thing that he has is badan tegap.Not sasa.Liya has her eye on him..Haha..Liya gatal!!So we,me and Liya ordered pizza.One pizza,then,zati,Chikin and Aini ordered nasi.Chikin said she wanted to eat nasi.So ordered nasi lerr...We ate and wo...So so brrppp!!!Kenyang!I ate mushroom soup and bread,then I ate my favourite snack..yum,and I ate pizza..Ho...Sedap oo...Then we went to search for the handphone.And Liya with her sweet mouth,she helped Aini and the handphone that they bought only cost 400 ringgit only.Wah,Liya boleh bwa prgi runding harga!!Haha..Then,we went back and Aini followed us to our flat.Then,Liya and Aini talking talking at ruang tamu..Then,Mak on the other hand wanted to bring her almari.And at that day,Mak's parent also came.And you wanna know what,when Liya and Aini at the ruang tamu,without tudung,free hair..Mak's father came and pass them..Haha...Liya and Aini were both shocked!!And they just kept staring at mak's father blurly..Haha...Thank godness la mak's father tunduk while walking..Apa lah korang ni!!Haha..Then,at night after the rain has stopped,Aini went back to her flat.And that night I was planned to eat maggie and it turned out that mak's mother gave us laksa.Burrp again!!

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