Monday, January 4, 2010



Yesterday...Its a bit late to write my story.Well,yesterday a bit bzz lorr...I already at my flat n I know wat my cousin told me about 'luxurious' about my flat..Hua...Grrr...What to do...I need the flat and I have to accept it..N You know what..Yesterday is so making me down after I came to the flat..Huhu....A lot thing have to do here..N my room was shared with my friends,Ekin or chikin..Hehe...My room have table n tempat sidai baju..My father bought it...N haha...The only room that have a big study table..He~~Thanx to my dad..And when my dad left I felt the emptiness..Oh...Wlaupn not so comfy in this flat,but I noe when longer time I stayed here I will feel ok...I advised my self..Its ok..Its just 4 years,time will pass by eventually.So,don't worry.N I kept talking to myself dat day..Hua~~

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