Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Diet Much!!


17 Jan 2010

Diet??Yes!!All of us diet much that day except Zati.Well,on that morning,Zati accepted a call from her mom,and her mom said that she will be at our flat more like 5 minutes.And at that time,Zati still haven't got her shower yet,and her mom told her to siap faster!!And Zati apa lagi,mandi kerbau aka burung jga..Haha..So fast ow..So when her mom arrived,left 3 of us.At first we planned to have lunch with Mat Arip,but unfortunately,have to cancel it..So frustrated la!!Then,we took another to cook Mee Sedap..Haha..And you wanna know what,we only had lunch with only one Mee Sedap!!And one egg rebus,dived to 4..How was that?Diet much!!Then,we all going sleep cuz nothing to do..At night pula,we all felt hungry,and mak already came.We all 4 of us wanted to go to the Medan Selera and ate there.We walked there and we were impressed with the food.

I ate nasi putih and Tom Yam and Sayur Kangkumg belacan.And I can't believed that Liya didn't like the sayur.Hey,it was nice!!Sedap!!Not too diet much!!Then,when we went back,there was a suprised!I think..Mira brought her TV to our flat,but the TV is not that terang..Huhu..Then,Zati came,and she brought so much food...Haha..Diet much!!

1)Nice kan that building..
2)Sedap my food for that night!!
Budak 2 orang yang kelaparan..

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