Monday, March 26, 2012

Sweet propose by Malaysian Actor and Actress

26 MARCH 2012

Hello there...wahh..I miss this blog..I really miss it..Huhu..Well, today I wanna show you guys a video about propose! Yes! Will you marry me? Huah! So romantic. This video shows one of Malaysian top actor that propose to a popular Malaysian actress..The actor propose live at one of Malaysia's channel Astro RIA..Gosh! Can't believe that Awal (Actor's name) propose live!! They are very sweet together..And I hope that they will be happily ever after..Insya-Allah..Amin..Congrats to Awal Ashaari and Scha Al Yahya.. Here it is...

Friday, January 6, 2012

Barbie Doll

6 January 2012

Ok, so I saw this blog that show something shocking news. In this world, Barbie does exist!! Can't believe it? Well, believe it. Though this 'real' Barbie kindda spooky if you stare within 3 minute, but one side of her is actually very cute and she does look a bit like barbie. So, if that is Barbie, can I have one? Hahaha... If we can make a Barbie Movie for real action not the cartoon one, I prefer to choose her. But don't know about her voice. Barbie should be a good singer, don't you think?

So here is some of this girl pictures. This is just my own opinion about this girl. How abut you, does she look like Barbie to you?

More info about this girl, she is just 16 years old, but this year, she's 17. She is an American girl and she is so cute!! And sexy too!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012


1 JANUARY 2012

Hello y'all. Its been so long I have not update this blog. Well, for your info, I have been working on my other blog. I also have been busy with all my assignment and ofcourse this upcoming exam where I still don't have the mood to study yet.Hehehe. Alright, this new year I would wanna saya Happy New Year!! Hello 2012 and goodbye 2011!! There would be so much more things will happen this new year. So, fighthing!!

In this session, I come back to my point to promote my other blog. People who love to read Malay novels, pliz pliz..Do follow this blog. I have already post my novels series to the penulisan2u. So, I still wanna promote this blog. I still focus on one novel series that I've been working with and it is still on going. But, I also post the short Malay story in that blog. So, have time, visit my blog alright. Love you all.Thanks for visiting my blog. :)