Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Go Shopping


4 Jan 2010

Tuesday...Okay so our friend Sarip wanted to help us to give the ride to Sacc..Wah..A long the way he just follow us everywhere we go..Hm,poor guy.Then we went to the book store.I luv that smell of book,macam bau cina!!Haha..Sarawakian love to say new things that they bought have the 'bau cina'.Haha..Cuzz yaahh,Miri kan have a lot of chinese.They do a lot of their business there.So many chinese very rich there oo...Okay back to my story,well,after hang out and buy some of the book,well one novel and comic actually,I went to outside of the store and saw Sarip waiting for us,well,there also Liya there,Haha,Sarip gatal oo...Sorry Sarip,okay,there I want to kacau him and when we look below theres a group of girl.Then I ask him pick one of them,and he pointed at Liya,Hua~~~Liya liya..Okay I turned and said ooww you pick that guy,the DJ guy ofcourse haha..And I keep pointing at him,and it turned out that he seemed to know that I was talking about him,so he saw us up there,andthen thats made us lough!!And when Zati and Chikin arrived,Sarip made the statement upside down,and it turned out that as if I like the DJ because I pointed at him,and so,theres a misunderstood there,Okay yuck!!That DJ already perasan ok!!Haha..But still,that day is a nice day!We went to shopping and lots of things..He~~Esspecially Chikin's things.She did shopping a lot there.He~And at night,we watched Boys Over Flower untill well,2 am okay!!Never felt boring to watch romantic comedy series.Jun Pyo is such a sweet guy!But never win over Kim Bum okay!!Kim Bum rules!!Yah!!Love Kim Bum!!

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