Wednesday, January 13, 2010



12 Jan 2010

This day,as usual,we went to class but this time,we planned to go to the bus stop which was near the pusat comercial.There all of us walked and when arrived to the bus stop,it seemed that we were lucky..Yah right!!Then,we followed our U's bus but then,when arived to seroja...We being kicked out from the bus..Ouch!!Grrr!!We were so late at that time and the class has already started..Then,we took the rapid bus to go to our fac.After that,what happend next,we went to the class,and at that time,it was almost at 9 am..And it turned out that the lect never came to our class,AT ALL!!Gosh that suck!Sia-sia we woke up early..Beh!!Than,we wanted to eat so we went to Barra..with kakak Lida ofcourse.After we ate,we asked kakak Lida to come to our flat and rest there,since our class would be at the afternoon.Akak agreed and we went back walking.Oh!!I almost forgot..When we were walking,we have to wait for the traffic light since there were a lots of cars nowadays.While waiting,me and zati have cought on eye on this handsome guy in one of the car...We both saw him..Haha..Gatal noo...Then,when arrived at our flat..Apalagi!!Went to sleep la...So tired and so ngantok!!Hua~Then,me and chikin planned to skip basic class since we have to do something for the register thingy...We went to class after Liya and zati already go.Then,we walked to the bus stop.Don't know why,Chikin felt that she wanted to call akak.And guess what..After we already lock our house..And all,it seemed that akak was actually still in our flat.Haha..We left akak TRAPPED in our flat..Nasib-nasib..Haha..Kesian akak!At that time she still sleeping during me and chikin wanted to prepare to go to the class..Haha..Then,we went back..LOL..Seeing akak that still in Liya and zati's room..Haha..Then,we went to fac to register and helped other that pemalas utk register their own name..Hehe...Siapa terasa tu maaf la ya..Then,during that time,something that very made Chikin happy happened..She met someone that she trully wanted to meet that day..Haha..Chikin you blush so redly!!Macam muka apple...Haha...She always smile untill we went back to flat..Still smiling...Haha..Oh yah!!Something happend with the register thing..Keol happened to cut Arif and Roy's name on the list..And put his name on it..Haha..Zati already told him not to cut the guys name,but Keol don't really understand..Ahh..Sudah...Haha..So zati mad at Keol,and Keol wanted to apologized to her..Haha..Then,Keol felt sorry and offered Zati to buy food..Belanja la..Haha..Alah,Keol kan sayang zati..Hehe..JK..Then,you want to know what,at first Keol wanted to blnja zati only,but it happened that Keol blnja all of us four...Wah...Syg Keol Lebih!!Thanx to zati and Keol..We got free dinner that night..He~~

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