Thursday, January 14, 2010

What the...


13 JAN 2010

First class was CSC..Wah so so sleepy lo early at the morning.Before the lect came,I sit beside Chikin,and there,someone so annoying sit at the back..Ahh...What the...You wanna know who...Siapa lagi.!!Pineapple guy..And he was so annoying!!Ah!!!What the...Then,whenever I turned my head at the back..He was so so annoying...Padahal simpan barang jak pun!!Hish!!Annoying guy!!Suka cari pasal!!Beh!!Then,when I turned back again to take my pencil bag,he again,with his loud voice..Membebel tak tentu pasal..Ko apehal?!!Huh!!Then,there was part where suddenly,there other student came to the class,so the pineapple there,came from back and sit beside me!!Ahh!!Pnganggu hidup orang!!He kept disturbed me and annoyed me..Arghhh..And at that time also,people kept staring at us..Benci!!!!Then,at the same time,zati was whispering and that made the lect to mmbuka ceramah..Poor zati...So,we all became silence after that,and same did Pineapple there..Huh!!Aman hidup aku..Oh yah..Before that,I met Orenji..Oh my god..Was he not using his glasses...Huhu...But what can I do..He has someone,so,huhu..Arghh!!Biar la..Then,after class we went back since we only have one class..Zati and Liya and also Chikin were so excited to play the Left 4 dead 2..Haha..And you know what,Zati and Liya's room just like in archade lah pulak..Haha...Tempat CC game...Wah!!So loud ar they play..But as for me,I lay my head on Liya's tilam and poop!!Tido..Haha..Same as Zati..Haha...I slept so long eh...Then,I woke up and wanted to pray..And I slept again after that haha...What the...

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