Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can't W8...


I juzz can't wait to get out from this place..I really wanna have a relax mind and wanna spend quality tme wif my fmly..N yeah...We want to go to Thai..We plan to go Bangkok n Pattaya..Huhu..I really do wanna go there..My cousin already been there..So now,its my turn to feel that place..Hehehe...Well,actually we supposed to go there together..But,thanx to my brother,we stuck here..My brother already finished his SPM..N yes..He always get the computer..I don't have a chance to use it..And since he already a no more high school student..well,my chance of course no way...Huhu...Well,back to the story,I also can't w8 for my next sem,n also for the new year..Cuzz this year..I admit it..It did became a bad year for me..N FYI..This year,accidents always happen to me..N poor my car..N money also gone juzz like that...Huhu...I felt sorry for my parents..N also to my friends..Huhu...But there also a good memories in this year..n of course not to forget..sad memories..Oh well,I use to it..So,whateva...OK..thats it..Chiao...Really need vacation r8 now...Aaaargghhh!!!!

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