Tuesday, January 12, 2010



9 Jan 2010.

Why must have something that block our weekend?!!Ahhh!!I hate...Okay,this day,we have to attend some kind of koko taklimat..N its bored!!Dahlah the registration had problem and then have taklimat pulak!!Suck!!Then,I and chikin have to prepared earlier.As for Liya and Zati,they went to flat that very morning.And Liya,brought her air liur busuk too..Haha..Then,we went to the dataran kawat by car with mak the driver.Hehe..Thanx mak!!When we arived there,you know what?I found that 'Cherry' guy!!Ahhh again!!I don't want to remember him again so I don't want to look at him with his friends there.So then we have to berkumpul there and we didn't knew what to enter for our koko.So we went to join the rumah tangga thing at first.And there were a lot of girls there.And from far we saw 'pineapple' guy..Liya apalagi!!Haha...Tembam oww pineapple!!Haha..Then,we went back home earlier cuzz the ustaz's voice,we can't hear anything what he said.So we buat de'!!Haha..Then,we went back by bus,wasting our time there doing nothing..Ahhh!!!And this day,I finished my novel and I want another novel!!!Ahh!!

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