Thursday, January 21, 2010



18 Jan 2010

Sick?!Yes..I'm Sick!!Until now I still fill so sick!!Huhu..And not after that,Chikin got sick too.I got fever and headache!!Ouch!!So hard oo...After that,Chikin got my virus and she got sick but kindda teruk jugak that time.But still,we went to the class,as usual.But nothing special that day.Really,cuz we felt sick.No excitement.Although we didn't have some mood,but Zati and Liya still lighten up our mood,Zati captures pictures of me helping Chikin(which both of us did really feeling sick at that time)urut her hand cuz she felt dizzy.Haha..Cam funny jak..I helped Chikin urut her hand but me also pening that time..Hua~~

Then,Zati captured picture of Chikin with Domo..Haha..X da krja.Oh yah,we already got our first it turned out that,our ustazah was the person that gave us ceramah when we were in sem 1,Time LDK also..Hehe..She's nice eehh and funny..Thank God!That our lect is ok..Then,since ustazah have to cancel our class,she still had her time to come to the class and told us that that day didn't have class,and I have hutang with Lambert guy!!Hehe..Titas book la..Apalagi..Hehe,then,we went to eat and we went to akak's room to rest.Chikin slept that time cuzz she can't take it..She need rest.Then,me and zati read comics and Liya with mag..Then after that we went to the class..On the way to the fac,I found strawberry!!!Happy?Yes I'm Happy..Abe Salak already knew who he is..Hehe,Abe,ssshhh!!Keep the secret.Wah..Cuci mata.Then,when arrived at the fac,we waited for the lift,and there he was standing at the first lift..Hehe..Cuci mata lagi!!<33..then,after that the class was finished and we did the usual rutin..But that night I had a headache..Oh God!!I'm so sick of My SICK!!

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