Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fox Rain

26 February 2011

I still don't understand love,
So I cannot get any closer,
But why does my foolish heart keep pounding?
I'm haunted by you again and again,
I just can't get away,
This hopeless love hurt my heart so much,
Going from day to night,
You're all I think about,
Being so pitiful and silly,
What should I do,
Heart follows love,
What am I going to do?
This hopeless love hurts my heart so much,
Going from day to night,
You're all I think about,
Being so pitiful and silly,
What should I do?
The day when my pain fades away,
Will that day ever come?
Being so pitiful and silly,
what can I do afterall?
The moonlight is so beautiful,
I just can't get away,
Let me lie down by your side for a moment,
A moment,just for a moment...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


02 FEBRUARY 2011

Menunggu saat pkul 12..Suddenly..

Syaza:Kak Fiqah,ko sik da crta ka?
ME:Ko mok aku crta apa?
Syaza:Apa2 jak..

And thats when I actually terkenang dkat someone..Someone that was very special to me..Yes..Him..Him who I should call a brother,a friend..Him who would always stays in my heart..I won't forget him..N its been 3 years now..If Im not mistaken..Hmm..

I told my kazen about him,that one day..I would never forget..Ever!!
I was walking to the surau that day..N at that time,I saw a lot of slippers out side the surau..That was at the man's side la of the surau..So I went to the toilet,to ambik wudhuk..So after that,I enter the surau and I looked at the man's side in the surau..N it seemed like there were no one there..Then I looked outside from the muslimah's side dkat tngkap la..I was shocked..It was him..I cannot believed it..Then I go to pray and after that I went outside and I met him..He was alone he said..So I took that time to have chit chat wif him..Haha..He was shy la that day..Plus we both alone at the surau..So,I won't spend a lot of time there..Tak manis kan..Then,I saw one cat..I took that cat and said to him..That cat will teman U..U won't alone..And I smile..He also smile but still he was shy..Haha..He was so sweet..Then,I went back to my class..

ME:So,mcam ya la crta nya..(mcm tu la crta nya)
Syaza:Hm..Kt sne nya skrg?(Kt mne die skrg?)
I suddenly became quiet..and told her..
ME:Nya dh mnggal..Dh 3 tahun la skrg..N hari tok,hari tok la nya mnggal sik slap kamek..(Die dh mnggal,dh 3 thun skrg,n hari ni,hari ni la die mnggal x slap sy)

N after listening to my bad time story,my kazen went to sleep..n that night,I called ckin,today is her birthday..Hepi Brthday Ckin!!!