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Remembering All

No 21#

24 MAY 2010

Its been a very long time I havent edit this blog.Remember about abe salak that really wanna know my story.Sian abe..Well,wish that you can read my blog now.I'm updating it since it is holiday r8 now.So, let me remember all that happens to me first.Maybe I will skip some of the time, cuzz I cant really rmmber that much.I will tell u some of important moments that I could remmber to u guys.

1 FEB 2010

My best friend's birthday today!!Yes,Im happy for her.N now she already tua sdah..Haha..Well,not much to rmember but at the afternoon, my father brought me to this restaurnt that near the shah Alam lake dekat PKNS there.My abg angkt also there.N we ate there, at first to tell u the truth, the food did rsa sdap.But when time pass by, mcm x brapa plak.Hayoo..Tukar chef ka?Hm..Then, at night, I call my best friend and told her 'Happy Birthday'!!

2 FEB 2010.

It was ckin's birthday.And also hari he pass away.I still remember it.N I pray for him n wanted to sdekah yassin for him.That day, my mood was not really good, thou, it was ckin's birthday,I have to admit,I really dont feel to clebrate it.Ckin ofcos feel happy cuzz it was her day.But then,ckin also realize that Im not in a good mood.So I told her about arwah,n she felt sorry.N I felt sorry too for her.But then, liya,zati,mak,mira, all of us celebrate her brthday and bought a cake.They really do made loud noise that day.Main that cream.N me, juzz sit there watching them playing.Sorry ckin..Really dont have mood.N when they put the cream at my hand, I dont feel to play around,so I clean myself..N the rest,as usual.

5 FEB 2010.

Seriusly,I can't really rmmber things that happen at this day.But I have pictures that showed place around the PTAR 1.N still I can't rmmeber why I went there.Haha..

6 FEB 2010

It was saturday and as usual KOKO..Gosh!How I hate woke up early n went to koko.N it saturday!!We have to attend this cramah for the koko.N it was kindda boring.But, the pncramah the usahawan, was really nice and he actually very funny.8 least not that boring la.But still, during the cramah,I actually listen to my handphone and turn on the songs..Haha..N I actually saw some1 that actually look like the filipin's actor.But ofcos la the actor hensem lgi..That guy look like a chinese..Boleh la than..Apa lagi..Cuci mata la..Haha..And at the afternoon,I actually went to my kazen's house..Hehe..Wanna sleep there la..My rutin..So I drove there by myself to aman perdana.Since I have my own car lah kan..Hehe..

7FEB 2010

Huhu..I have to leave my kazen..Huhu..So sad..But before I went back to my rumah swa..I hantar my car first cuzz my aunt wanted to bring me out for lunch..Hehe..Then,my kazen's father actually brought us to the pameran kreta..Around shah Alam..We went to see Mazda..And Fuh!!The car was so..Wow!!I like..Her father mrancang want to buy new car..So he brought us to see Mecedes also..BMW..Fuhh...Kaya bah...He even met his friend there,n his friend brought his son with him.Chinese and that guy kindda hensem too...Haha..My aunt kept telling my kazen to see that guy,but my kazen,alah...Kept telling her mother that no one but Azam..Ceh!!Cinta monyet..Monkey's Love..Haha..Puppy Love..Then,afterthat,I went back to my house..Huhu..So sad..

9 FEB 2010.

I never forgot this date..Ever!!N sriusly I will not!!It was test fluid!!Haha..Ofcos really bengang deh wif that test..Huhu..N the test was at night also..Haiyooo!!!But then after the test, we all mrancang to have our dinner together at KFC..wah..Aramaiti!!More like reunion already..Haha..It was a very best moment.N at this date..I met some1..Yes..First met him there!!Ouch!!I wont forget about it..Really..Mango..Anyway..All brkmpul and we even lough out loud there..Hehe..N ckin and arif sit sblah mnyblah..Ehehe..Ske la tu...Then, there was some1's brthday..N they celebrate it at the KFC..Haha..Mat arip make some joke and we even help to sing the brthday song..Haha..It was really bsing..But a nice memory to be remember..

12 FEB 2010

Midnight movie!!Hehe..Yes2..We went for midnight movie..At first we thought that we wanted to see Percy Jackson but instead the ticket already finish and we end up watching malay movie..Haha..Adnan sempit..Thou at first it was kindda bored,but the near last part,it became so funny..Sriusly..Haha..We watched it at bukit Raja anyway...

15 FEB 2010

It was holiday cuzz of CNY i guess..Hehe..So my brother planned to go to Sunway Lagoon..Yup,he pay all of it..Even my ticket la..Haha..Love my bro a lot..Since he has duit gaji dlu,so he blnja me..Hehe..Wah..I mrasa my brother pnya gaji first loo..Haha..Not me..Hehe..
Dont worry he will get it later..There I went wif my bro, my abg angkt n kakak angkt, n also her son.We play around first, and I felt so happy mcm bdak kcik plak..Hehe..Then, there was pool..Hua~~Dh lmak I didnt swim oo..So apa lagi..Brenang la..Hehe..Love2..I still have the skill to swim..Wlupn dh lmak didnt swim..loo...Hehe..Luv2..But then, when I tringat smthing..I forgot to bring my spare tdung..Haha..Since I swam wif tdung2 skli..So..My tdung alrdy bsah..Haha..Then,when I finish washing and prepare to go back..Haha..This part was funny,I actually went out from the toilet and use towel to cover my hair..Haha..I went around the sunway,since we parked at the basement so have to lalu around the sunway piramid and I was the first person that use towel to cover my hair and I was walking around the sunway piramid untill we went to the basement parking..Haha..It does feel funny..N pngalaman yg gila2 n sengal..Haha..Sot2..But a nice thing to remmber..Hehe..

16 FEB 2010

Me,and my family went to midvalley wif my abg angkt amir..Hehe..We jln2 and we felt tired so we sat at the food court..My father brought ABC and that ABC ice was really tall..N I even ate it and I korek2 bhgian tgh and still the ice did not rntuh..Haha..Power la that ABC..Hehe..Still that ABC was so sweet..Hoho..Cool..Wif ice cream on top of it..Hua~~

21 FEB 2010

It was the last day for my mother to be at KL..So, I planned to bring my mother to go around2 Shah Alam.N then, we went to the PKNS.But then I felt so bored cuzz my mom wanted to shop there..Huhu..Bored2..Then,even my brother took so long time to shop..Gosh!!He shopped like female..So long,n yet Im a girl but Im not really that interested in shopping like he does.Gosh!!Then,we went back n on the way back to my kaz's house.I actually forgot the way and I actually took the wrong way.N for your info,I have to hntar my mother to the airport more like 2 hours b4 the flight.N yet I was sesat!!You dont know how it felt.I took the wrong path.N yet Im not use to KL..N Im actually went to KL..Waarrgghh!!!N it took more like 3 hours to get back to Aman perdana.I even lalu my family angkt's house at puchong..Woo.Dri Stia Alam went to puchong and went to Klang and finally back to Aman perdana.I almost stress out,even I felt mad at my mom,and I even drift my car back then..N for the first time, my brother actually felt scare of me being so mad and stress out.He even ask me to cool down.Haha..So weird..Well,like I always said, u dont wanna make me mad.Cuzz Im not that kindda of person.U know..Being mad.But once I get mad,u dont wanna know anyway!!Everything will terbang anyway,nsib my car did not trbang,juzz drift only,and it was kindda bahaya..Hua2~~But thank God,I came to my kaz's house and we went to the airport and I drove again.N I felt so tired doh!!For 3 hours wat,if u at Miri,its more like going to Bintulu from Miri.And I continue lgik,going to the airport..Fuh..That day was so tiring..N I wont forget about it..At ALL!!TRUST ME..N my mom actually sempat and got the sit and went back to Miri.Gonna miss her..

25 FEB 2010

We really2 wanted to go to the place that not really far from our house.From medan selera, that place was so nice and it only open at night.Since at that day,Liya was not with us, we still wanted to go there.We want to explore since so many people told that the place was so nice and beautiful.So we went to that place and its call ICT..So this was the first time we went there.It was a very nice place and beutiful too..So many lights n I do love it so much,cuzz I love to see the light at night..Hehe..

26 FEB 2010

Liya told us that she wanted to go to the ICT too..So since I knew the way to go there already,so we planned to go there at this night.B4 we went to the ICT,we actually have our dinner with keon and Farid.So we went there with them,and we took a lot of pictures..Yes..Mango actually there..N I rmmber it,mango actually asking me for my phone no..Hua2..But nope I wont gave it to him..Hua2~~Ada sbbnya..Hua2~~

27-28 Feb 2010

There somthing happen for both of the date.But I cant recall back.But actually, if Im not mistaken, we all actually went to the sunway piramid.The 4 of us,mrayau2 at the sunway piramid,cuzz dont have krja kan..Haha..N then, there also somthing happen..My friends actually pksa me to tell mango my phone no.N I kindda feel embarassed of it..That day,we ramai2 went for dinner..N at that day la,mango actually got my no..Lol..All in all..I will remember it till the end..

P.S..All of this happen in feb.Haha..I will continue it for march..He~~For the pictures,have to wait loo...Hehe..Thanx 4 reading..And Shuk..Sorry la with the words..Use la cermin mata if u read my blog..Hehe..But thanx..

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