Sunday, January 17, 2010



15 Jan 2010

As usual,as early as it was..And me n chikin did woke so early that day..That day,Liya and Zati slept after smyang Subuh.Cuz they didn't have any class that morning but at 10.30 am.So,it was only me and chikin and we have to woke up early so that we can go to the bus stop that near the comercial centre.So after berkemas,we went out from the flat and we walked.At that time I felt so peacefully,cuzz early kan.There were not that much jam,and the weather was nice.Awl-awl pagi felt so cold,and I remembered the moment when me and my family were having holiday at Shang Hai.I remembered walking at the street at Shang Hai that morning and it was cold,kindda exactly like at that time walking to the bus stop.Felt so peacefully.Then,when we arrived at the bus stop,we waited for the bus,and you know what,when the bus arrived,it stop exactly infront of us both..Haha..So we entered frst in the bus..Happy got the seat first.Then,went to the class.It was calculus first.So kurang la student that came for her class.We just like in the tuition.Haha,but it was ok.Shes nice,but next week we have quiz..Wa~~Then,it was fluid class,at first I thought that lec was,em,I don't know,kindda bored.And I hate when the part where he asked students about bla bla bla...Not so peaceful ek..Then,for our lunch that day,we went to Mc D..Hehe..All 4 of us using jaket mechy plak tu..Haha..While walking to the Mc D,we being hon!!You wanna know who,it was Syafwat!!And his expression macam muka orang tak puas hati..Haha,can't believed that he knew us dari jauh..Haha..He was using his motorcycle that and purple baju melayu..Haha..Then,we all went back to our flat.Then,we like so tired and we slept.At night,I was adding my slide,and as you see it in my blog,I added some of my pics and others were my family and cuzz..Hehe..Then,at that time I was also chatting with abe salak!!Huhu..He told me about his late friend.I felt sorry for him.Takziah abe.Then,I told him my story.About someone that special to me,very indeed special to me even my best friends did not knew that I like that guy,even that guy also don't know I like him.Then,Liya came in to my room,and I told her the story all about that guy.I felt so sad thou.And at the same time,I didn't replied abe's msg at ym.So,he kindda worried..Haha..Sorry abe!!Tgh khusyuk cerita ng Liya about that guy.Liya knew everything already about him,and she was also felt sorry.Then,I was hungry so I went to the ruang tamu with zati,and abe on the other hand felt so worried and Liya had lied to abe saying that I was so touching and can't stand the sadness..Haha..Abe,I'm ok la that time,don't worry..Haha,Liya took over and chatted with abe..Then I came back after while,and I continued chatting with abe that night..Haha..But whats more important,I hope that guy will always be in a peacefully although he was in the other side of our world,same as abe's friend.Al fatihah for them..

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