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Reviews Marrathon...

No #20

7 February 2010

I know its been so long that I did not update my blog.So sorry,especially to abe salak..Sorry..This days I am so busy with everything,quiz,test, homework...Koko...Busy me..Well,yah!!Sem 2 what..And it almost chinese New Year and HOLIDAY!!
Okay,here are the reviews of the things that happened to me this few busy days..Enjoy reading it,I think...

20 January 2010

Well,that time,we all planned to have our dinner with the 'Guys'...Haha..It was a very great moment though..I will never forget it until the rest of my life.At that night we planned to get out dinner that near to our flat which is also near to the surau there.So,we arrived at the place, and the surrounding is great,more privacy I guess, but not until we came there..Haha,budak Mechy buat kacau la...Apa lagi!!Then,after we sat,Keol came first,haha,it was not so long to see keol.Well,he is still him.I review back and I found out that I don't have any same class with Keol.Wa punyalah plan Keol nak sama class..But it turned out that we both not a classmate anymore.Huhu.Then,Ajiz came,and then,Abe!!Mat Arif,Din(I cannot believed that he came too..Haha,muka tebal datang jga,hehe,sorry Din,but still,you are almost welcome to join us there,biar gamat suasana!!),then,lastly,siapa lagi if not Roy..The person that always came late la..Haha..We all ordered our food and drinks and chat and lough out loud.And people arround us staring at us..Haha...It was the best moment I have..Luv u guys..Luv my friends!!

21 January 2010

It was Thursday and yup,my schedule is so pack that day.Until 6 pm what...So so tired la..Before the afternoon session,Chikin asked her friend to stay for while at her room so we came there.Chikin's friend from sekolah rendah,at first,I wanna say that,she almost like my schoolmate.Her face kindda same as my friend.Haha,one of her kembar tujuh I guess..Then,we take a short rest there,and you wanna know what,she have this cute patung penguin and it was soft.So I took the picture of it.Haha..Then,we went to the class,and it was basic.Gosh...That lect is so nice and the way he teaches us is very understanding.I hope I can score back my basic,Amin...And thank Allah for giving a nice and understanding lec this time.Then,it was lab.I was so excited that day.It was the first lab I attended for the new group that I registered.At first,we both, Chikin and I were berebut-rebut to choose the group member so that we both can stick together(Sticky-sticky),and it turned out that we both were in the same group and we have the same group with our old classmate and Abe salak also include la!!!Haha...It was great and my headache at that time kindda decrease ehh...Haha..cuzz so excited to meet our classmate and I can played with the equipment,me like very much..Even Chikin also told me that she was shoked seeing me became so excited and bersemangat that day..Haha...

22 January 2010

My father came that day!!And even my car arrived!!Wah..I was so excited to get my car that day but it end up that I will get my car the next day.Even to see my father also I have to extended another day,cuzz he was busy about getting the car from the kastam..Waa...Lama lohh...Until 10 pm he have to stay there to get my car.Huhu..How frustrated la..Not much to tell this day..Just that my father came and my car have arrived that made me happy.

23 January 2010.

So,this day,my father promised me that he came and bring my car.Hehe..Not eventually my car la..My father's car and I borrowed it from him.Oh,it was Viva actually,suits me le...Small,and even her owner also small..Hehe..Like like..So that afternoon,my father came and my foster brother also came.And when I came down from my flat,I saw both of them busy to letak the sticker 'P' at my car..Hehe,Im still P person la...Then,I tried to drive my car for the first time here at Shah Alam.At first very kekok la..Cuzz,before that,I never drived Viva,I drived Altis only when I'm at Miri.That Viva supposed that,my father's car when he was at Sabah.Now,I knew a good news that,he will posting back to Miri.Yey!!I'm happy for my mom.At least,there someone will teman her if one day my brother also left them to continue his study just like me.Back to the story,at first,my father told me that,we all will go to midvalley and I have to drive it there..Wah!!Punya Shocked!!!Memang terkejut,first time driving the car,and I have to drive all the way to midvalley?!!No way!!Then,Thank God,it was very late,so they changed planned and we went to PKNS.My so called big brother,wanted to go to BSN.So I hantar him there,then,my father bring me out to eat,and we went to the MASALAM that day to eat.But after went to BSN tadi,my big bro took over and drived the car...Abit bored but still felt excited...I have my own car.....hua!!!

24 January 2010.
Arggh!!I fetl a bit mad that time..You wanna know why?Well at first I knew that my father came here cuzz he get her off day from work and he wanted to see the badminton match here.And he even told me that he will came to pick me at the afternoon.I kemas-kemas awal but it ended up that they came at night pulak...I was so very the mad that day.Then,I receieved a call from my father telling that he will came more like 10 minutes,so I relieved.At that time also,I'm alone...My housemate went out to have thier dinner,and me,I thought that I would went out have a date with my father but he came late...Oh..So mad...La...Then,I'm ready all the thing and I got another call from my father and he told me that,he waited for so long and I didn't went down yet to meet them..Wah..Pnya lagi panas darah I ni..And I kindda shout a bit at him by telling that,"can't you just wait for just moment?!!I waited for you from that afternoon but yet you told me that he waited for me for so long?!!"Then,I'm off..And along the way in the car,I'm so badly in mad at my father.I even mogok...Went to sunway to search for my shoes since my father wanted to but it for me.But it ended up that every shoes that he chose was not my choice.Even he also fed up with me..Sorry dad...Then,we went to eat..And the food was not really good..Made my blood became more panas lagik!!Argghh!!Mad....

25 January 2010

First time for sure to bring my car to my U..Hehe..It was fun..I guess...Even Mat arip kept asking me if I could give him tumpang with my car..Haha..But nope...Hehe...And my new cabaran was..To get parking...Wah...So crazy la the way that U control the parking.Supposed there was more parking near our fac and it turned out that students can't parking there..Punya lah banyak parking kosong..And the lec itself didn't go there parking...Heh!!Sudah terang-terang ada parking x pkai....Bek bgi student kan senang...Beh!!Fine..Watever...

26 January 2010.

Still about this parking thingy...What A life!!I was more like berperang wif others to get parking.And cuzz we was so late,and I parked my car tepi jalan near the melati..And when we finished class..You wanna know what?I got my first saman!!Shit!!I just got my car and then I got my first saman in my whole life...Gosh!!!What the fish la!!Grrrr!!!And along the day I kept thinking about how to prevent the saman thingy and how to get parking..Huhu..Oh yah...Among all the guy,my classmate..Roy got to tumpang my car first..Haha..And he sempat teased me again...Saying that he should used safety belt at the back...Beh...Fine...Then,after finished the class,we all went to buy our dinner..And we went to restaurant that near the bintang there..And that time,there was fogging..Gosh...The restaurant close the door..And we all inside the restaurant..He~~The rest...Is usual..

27 January 2010.

Okay r8 now I wanted to pay the saman thingy...Since there was only one class...So It was kindda free..So we went to the pusat keselamatan.And I paid for the stiker and the saman as well..At first I thought that I don't have to pay for it but my instict told me to do so...So I asked all of them,and they said depended on me..Since yesterday I felt so tak tenteram.Yes I am.So,right there,I faced it and paid the saman..Fiuh!!Then,we went to PKNS..Chikin there wanted to post her picture to renew her license.Em...Well,I also thought about renewing my license since I will no longer a 'P' person until 21 august...Then,after that,we thought of getting our lunch there,but it felt the same..The food and all that.Then,someone made up an idea to go to Sunway...Hem...Sepala yg buat idea tu ya...Then,Liya was so excited and she called her mother to asked the way to go there..I felt so nervous cuzz that would be my first time out of Shah Alam also and went to Sunway...Oookaayy...Then...We all men redah je la...Hahaha...And it end up that,we arrived at the sunway...Yey!!Then,we went to eat there...I was delicious..We went around-around the sunway...Ehehe..And don't forget Tako yaki....Slurrpp....Lovely doh...And at one time,we went to see people playing ice skating..Gosh!!It was kindda romantic doh,when people with their own couple or mate playing together and this song called 'Two better than one' was playing.Oh my God!It was so romantic..I hope that someday that I will play with my dream guy skating together,amin...'You always be in my heart my dream..'The rest,It was a fun moment...

28 January 2010

Pack?Yes my scedule is pack...That day..Though it was very tiring day...But It was a great day for lab..Haha...The next lab we played with the pressure..Wah...And the instructor also kindda sporting..Although he looked like as if he was strict but still,he is nice...Haha...Then,it happened that someone gave a fully kerjasama that day..And after kena tegur and kena tengking wif Chikin,he changed sikit-sikit..Hope so la...Then,we ended up making a promise that everyone must went to the fac and we all must do the report all together.Then after the class,we went to have our dinner at the ABE's restaurant...Haha...not Abe salakla...I ate mee Tom yam..Hem...The taste..not really that good la...

29 January 2010..

Arggghhh!!I got stomach-ache..Ohh...So painfull..Then,I didn't went to the class that day..The whole day I kept sleeping to hilangkan my pain..Huhu..Maybe because of the mee tomyam I guess...Huhu...Thank God that Chikin gave me the medicine to eat...Huhu....Dah siap2 dengan pkai baju kurung lagi tu...Huhu...Since this day I didn't went to class,so not really much to tell..Huhu...

30 January 2010..

First time went to attend the Koko..Hem...Entrepenuer..Wah..Berbelit lidah...Haha..Its all about doing business la...Hem...At first we didn't knew where should we go..Then,after asking people and other.It turned out that it was at the Intekma...Hem..Then,we went there..Hem..What to say ha..That day,it was very few people and the lec seemed to condemn us...Smpai hati..Huhu...But she directly condemn mechy student la...Amboi...Don't play-play wif us...Then,we got one news that we have to do presentation and report on interviewing usahawan..Wahhh....We didn't knew anything since before that we have to attend this module...Huhu....So we didn't knew anything and it tunred out that this Entre something was kindda tough and skema...Mak aihh...Wat to do la.....Have to face it...We all chose this so...Face the reality...Huhu..Then,it happened that Liya there..Became the 'ketua' for the club..Haha..Tengok-tengok...Who will be the class rape..Budak mechy jugak..Haha...Liya bangga la tu...*Hidung kembang*..Haha...JK...

Note:I will continue after I have my study on fluid first...Then,I will update again...Hehe..To be continue...Don't worry,I will update it with the picture skali..Chow chin chow..

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