Saturday, January 23, 2010

Quizzz or Eazzz...Or dizzyy..


19 Jan 2010

Quiz!!That day was quiz!!The first quiz that I attended with Chikin,and that time,we both were sick!!Wah!!Orang sakit buat quiz,how was that?Before this day,we both tried our best to revised back by doing the past year,since our lec said that she will giving the quiz and the questions will be all in the past year.So,we did it!!Demam2 but we did some revised on the past year,ehe!!Then,as usual that morning,I prepared to go to the class,but unfortunately Chikin can't went to the class that morning,and so,it were be me,Liya and Zati that going to the class,that morning.But Chikin said that she will be attending the afternoon class.So,when we were walking to go to the comercial centre,Liya there,told me that all of us should just walking to the fac,but at that time,I was sick and I really did felt headache,and it was RAINING!!Liya,truthfully,I felt a bit mad at you that time,sorry to say,but I really can't make it that time,and when hearing what she told me,she tried to pujuk me,but me,apa lagi buat muka lah and Zati noticed and she said that we all should just took the bus,since the bus already there.So,we crossed the road in the raining,with me feeling sick!!Then,when in the bus,I asked Liya if she mad at me,she said marahlah,but not seriusly,sorry Liya...I really can't make it that day.I Doo need the bus!!Then,when arrived at the fac,I made kerenah again,haha,I knew that Liya and Zati would felt mad at me that time,but yalah,when I feeling sick,I will become manja..Hehe..Really aa..Walaupun anak sulong,*blushing*..Hehe..I'm the only girl bah!!That time,it was fluid class,and I really didn't like the way that the lec always asked his students,and me,of course don't like being asked infront the other students that I didn't knew much..So at first,all 3 of us sit at the back,but then Zati told us that if we sit at the back,afraid that the lec asked us to go infront so it was the same,then,they both wanted to sit infront,at first theere also have other sit infront ,but me at that time told them that I didn't like to sit infront!I didn't want to be asked by him..I just DIDN'T LIKE IT!!Then,Liya and Zati apalagi,I knew they both mad at me,and that made Zati told me that both of them already beralah with me,ok I know its my fault,but about the bus,I really need it ok,and I didn't want to beralah for that...Sorry to say again..But about the sit,Ok,sincerely my bad...Sorry for both of you guys!!Have to layan me..Hehe..Orang sakit selalu nk bermanja..Me lah apalagi..Soooorrryyy dengan adik mu yang manja lagi comel amma,and mama(their nick name in our everyday life)Then,after a while in the fluid class,I knew that Zati tried to pujuk me,nampak sangat,sometimes I felt as if I wanna lough at that time seeing that Zati always pandang2 me,when I'm mad,I didn't want people to talk to me,cuz I wanna cool down myself first,yalah people said,when you mad everything will turned bad also..So,I silenced my self and I didn't want to talk to them,but after a while I started to talk to them.I didn't wanna cause a chaos there ok..So I tried to be peace to all..Hahah,you don't wanna know if I really feel mad at someone..Really,and sincerely..If I feel mad,habislah...But patience is the cure,so I tried to be patience...Then,at the afternoon Chikin arrived and we went to the Mawar to pray after we ate.So at that time I already baik-baik with them,its my attitude like that,I don't want to be musuh with my friends,it is very hurt you know.And don't ask me,I felt before so many times..And I don't want the history to berulang lagi,never and DON'T WANT!!It really hurt my feeling cause always me being mangsa and I don't want..Then,in the surau,I felt again the sickness...I got a very bad headache that day,but thank goodness la,not seterok like before.Hm..It is in my blood kot..I mean,my family always get the migrane thing,and my family also got one penyakit..And in my mother side it was ekot relation..So I think it was penyakit keturunan..I don't wanna tell you what the penyakit is...But still,it might be dangerous but might not..and I hope that I won't get the penyakit,amin..Ok back to the story,after that,me and chikin went to the basic class and then the last class was the calculus class.During the quiz time,oh before that,I can't believed that,the questions that we needed to do was the question that I and Chikin already made at the night before..Alhamdulillah..I got all answered..It was eazzyy...But on the other hand,since the lec went out during the quiz,ada lagi yang sempat bertanya..Haha..Mat Arip,be sincere..Halal...Remember that..But thanx to chikin also,I made one mistake in writing the number,so Chikin tegur me..Thanx Chikin!If not,salah lah my answere..Hehe..But although mat Arip always asked us,he eventually tought other as well..Haha..I looked at him and I loughed but at that time someone noticed it.The person that sat beside mat Arip,a friend of mat Arip saw me,and he also smile and he told mat Arip that I was watching him and lough,mat Arip also lough la...And you wanna know what,that guy tadi kindda cute..Haha..I called him blue berry guy...Ok..Haha..Then,after the class finished,suddenly,mat Arip called me,and I turned back since I already wanted to go out from the class,and it turned out that blue berry wanted to borrow my nte,I told him that I didn't think that he would understood my writing,but he wanted it also,so,I let him borrowed..But right now I need my note!!!Then,after giving him my note,Mat Arip took his handphone and showed me something,he showed the calendar and it was pointed on 19 Nov..So he asked me what date is that,so I smiled and asked him why..He kept asked me..Haha,ofcourse I knew that date.My birthday,tarikh keramat tu!!19 Nov,I'm here in this world..Haha,and I didn't knew how would mat Arip knew that was my birthday..How he knew that??Then,me and chikin went to the bus stop and waited for Liya and Zati.Liya told me something about pineapple,kesian Liya,didn't get the same group with pineapple during the lab.Hehe..And as for Zati,her sweet heart also in the same class but different group,so cuci mata je lah 2 orang ni ha...Haha...Me,always cuci mata punya..Haha cuzz I still don't have the special one to focus on..So every guy that I feel attractive,I apalagi cuci mata la..Haha..Then,as usual,we went back and my headache still didn't world was diizzzzyy..

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