Friday, January 8, 2010

Next class


7 Jan 2010

Okay,we went to the class at the morning...Using bus..Me and chikin only,yesterday we went to the class by car.Well mak lift us at the middle of the road at the roundabout and we have to walk all the way to the class...So tiring..Ohh..I wish I have my own car r8 now..Then..In the bus there were something happened..And I felt pity for that guy..Okay..Just before getting to the main gate of uitm..The bus ws getting to pass by that gate,and a long the way there were a group of guy walking there..And when the bus pass by them,there was a guy yelling,'BUS'!!And the driver did not stop.So pity la that guy with his esspression..He really does pity..But I also can't stand to lough with his esspression..Sorry..Then,we arrived to the fac..Then,the class we wanted to attend,the lect did not came..N it kindda waste of time..Then,me and Chikin went to the next class that was basic.Until then I felt so satisfied that the lect also kindda sporting.Its a guy..Ok..Then,the class finished earlier than we went to kolej Teratai,to visit akak..He~~She joined the army force so she got the kolej..Oh I almost forgot,we went to KFC that was not so far from our flat,yum2..Hehe..But then the chikin was not that yum oo..I don't know y...He~~Ok..Continue...There,we spend our time sleeping at her katil,hehe...Sorry akak..We have to spend time there to wait for our next class..Woa..So pack lo thursday..Then,after spending our nice short nap,we went to our class..and I found Keol and Aziz waited for their class..Then we went upstair and they also followed us there.The lect was so lembut but I knew her from my last LDK..She also nice..But hopefully she can teach us well for the thermo class,cuzz thermo is so tough subject.Huhu..At night pulak we all played uno..And u know what I won TWICE..Hehe.Then we watched I love Betty Copper..Watever her name was..


  1. knak tulisan ya da bsar da kcik?

  2. Haha..Nisa nya ada problem skit..Kmk pn x pham..Haha...