Friday, January 8, 2010

1st attend class


6 Jan 2010

Well,this day was the first day I went to the class,after emm...having my own holiday...Ehe..Its the C++ class oww..N well,the lect was very nice filled with her own expression,I think its pretty good.He...Well,in that class many new faces that I'm not that aware of..Some lah..Cuzz there are some guy that are from my own classmate from last sem.There are so sporting..Luv you guys..Some je la..Back to the story,well,in that class there was one guy that I have always looked at him since sem 1,but don't misunderstood first I thought that guy was from Sabah,I kept staring at him,I don't know why,but then I knew that he was from semenanjung..Oww..But then Chikin told me that there were so many jambu in that class..Chikin are you serious??Hehe...No one I think was jambu of my senior I think baru so jambu la..Hehe...Well,different people have their different opinion.Then,went back to our flat cuzz we have no class much that day...Fuh...Then at night,my housemate planed to go to the pasar malam..Wooo..I don't really like to go pasar malam,not my place la...But yet I felt very hungry and when I think about it,I really don't want to stay alone in the room by myself,so I follow them.Then,before we went to the pasar malam,it happens that I don't have any sandals or selipar jepun to go there and it turned out that I wear shoes to go to pasar malam,he...Styloo la tdi....AHAKS...When arrived,there were so many people and I felt the headache already,I'm not feeling well when I'm around with a lot of people,get the headache so easily.And I started to walk like stuweng already...Haha..Macam orang mabuk,cuzz mabuk many.Haha...Then,we bought the food and I stop at this stall that sold biscuits and all that,I found my mother's,my brother's, and my own favourite biscuits there..Yumm...Biscuit nanas...Hehe...Love the crunchy biscuits..And that made me remind of my family...Luv them so much...After that we went back to flat...We ate our food and that night as always..Layan movie..Oh..I almost forgot,chikin felt very proud that she can bent her hands to do the batman things..Haha..Chikin-Chikin...LOL..

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