Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wrong time to class


8 Jan 2010

Okay we,and chikin were ready and prepare ourself to go to our class..And so were we thought,before that well,we releks releks jak sleeping..N we thought that our class was at 4pm and when we already siap-siap,Chikin,looked at the time table and you know what??We already really really late to class..No,mmg terlepas class pun..Haha..And we LOL that time.Haha..And beside that,Zati and Liya on the other hand were going back to zati's house..And they also can't went back to our flat cuz zati's mother can't took them back to our flat...Huhu..So,there were only 4 of us that night!Haha...N you know,the most pity was Liya,cuzz she dahlah don't have any clothes there,and did not have any toothbrush..Haha..She came back pun with her air liur basi!!Eeeeuuuuwww!!Liya with her busuk mouth!Hehe...And yah!!I made a record that night!I don't ate any maggie that night..I only ate biscuits,keropok,jeruk,burger that Mira our housemate gave to us both chikin and I ate aiscream,and that made my stomach already full!!Haha...No maggie for that night oww...Proud for my self...Haha...

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