Friday, August 20, 2010

Nothing Much


Hm...Nothing much to say..Its been a long time I didn't update my blog.Well,I've been busy this days.Gosh..Though now its sem 3 already,and dont have any lab report that I need to do,but still,it is a busy day.Through out the time,theres a lot of things happen to me.There were sad time, and there were also happy time.B4 this, yes I felt so much pressure, and I did having a bad time.Gosh!Only God knows.But r8 now,I felt a bit happy.Alhamdulillah.Hm...For this post,I will not tell u what happen during march,april,may,jun,july..bla bla bla..hehe..So much things happen eehhh...So,some of it I can't remember..But I will update it later when there's a free time.R8 now,I just wanted to write something..Well it just nothing much...Hehehe..Hnya nk mluahkn shaja..

I just finished watching Cj7..And u want to know something..that was my first time watching it.Hehe..Dh lma lah that story but I bru watch that laa...Hui..Ktinggalan zmn tol..Well,in that story,I learn a lot..As a human being,we must always appreciate our love one ..Jgn smpai bla dia dh x da..Bru kta sdar..R8?Especially to ur family..Family is very important people...!!So,think about it.Jgn smpai mnyesal di kemudian hari..Love ur family..Ok? <3