Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Walking like hell!!


11 Jan 2010

First class was at the morning and we have to woke up EARLIER!!KONON la!!Haha..Then,we rushed to the bus stop,and there,were so many other student waited for the bus!!We stayed there for awhile and you know what,everytime the bus pass by,all full with other students!!Then,we gave up and we took another plan.And our plan were to walk from our flat to fac!!Waa...So tired!!Plus,we using our mechy jacket..And fuh!!So tired and sweating a lot..Ahh...!!!Bau!!Then,when arrived at the fac,the lift buat hal pulak...Hua~So soi lo...Haha..N we decided to go to tingkat 10..And we went there by walking upstair..Ng tangga...Wa!!So soi!!Huhu...Then,when arrived there..There was one girl that have the same class with us..N,Chikin,Liya,zati..Buat x tau when she pass our table..Heh!!Whatever!!Soi lagi!!Then,we went to Akak's room to rest there,since on Monday..Our schedule was so pack!!And we rest there,and we slept at akak nye katil..Hehe..N you wanna know..Liya berdengkur!!Haha..So kuat untill,Chikin and Zati at the lantai bwah can heard it...Haha..Then,during the C++ class something happened to me and Liya..Ewah2!!Mcm ambil ksemptan btul...And I don't like that moment!!Grrrr!!!!Then,we went back..and that night,we have time to watch the movie..Hehe..Chikin,so tired..She slept earlier than us..Me on other hand,helped zati and Liya to wash and spin the clothes..Our washing machine is semi auto..Huhu...But not to mention..This day was my lovely cuzz's birthday...Hepi birthday dear,Syaza!!!Hope u have a lovely sweet 16!!

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