Sunday, January 17, 2010



16 JAN 2010

That day was suck!!Yes!!Why?Here I tell you the story..On that saturday,we had LDK!!And it was so lame,cuzz I thought that LDK was so wasting time,so wasting everything,also bak kata Syafwat,buang air pn ada..Haha..Then,that morning,I was so rushing and I was the last person to take my shower..Oh GOD!!Then,when everything settle,I wanted to lock my door room,and yes!!I locked it but wait!!When I was outside of our grill house,I remembered something,my key!!My key that also together with my room's key was inside my room that was also already being LOCKED!!!Shit!!How I wanted to open back my room's door if my key was inside my room!!Blurr..And a bit dumped!!It was so suck!!Even Chikin was also shocked and that day,I thought,Chikin like in bad mood already..Me also ok...In bad mood!!I tried to relax but my head was spinning..Argh!!Then,we arrived at the fac and when to the 8th floor to get some food..And upstairs I saw Cherry with his geng!!Then,I don't him to noticed so I looked at my friends and wanted to ignore him...Argh!!Then,we went to the dewan kuliah..And when enter the kuliah,I saw him again,and ran my eyes off him..Don't want to look at him!!Then,all of us five sat at the middle..Then,when the ceramah started,it was kindda bored!!But the penceramah was nice,and he also made joke and that made us lough!!Chikin on the other hand,was chatting with Zati,and she was always kept her eyes on her 'Durian' guy!!Haha..And she sempat took his picture..Haha..Senyap2 la!!Hehe..Ehh..Sssshhh!!!Then,as for Liya,she tried to call the owner of our flat,but still can't.And you wanna know what,Liya told me that she had a bad feeling about the owner...Ohhh...Liya was worried about the owner..Haha,so sweet,then,a minute later,the owner can be reached and he finally picked up the phone!!Fuhh!!Then,Liya told him about the door thing,and he said he was at Johor,and he will came to met us 3 days later..Oh my God!!That was so late!!I can't wait until 3 days!!I need my stuff in my room!!Then,the ceramah still continued,and all about the MIM..and skip that,and we finished!After that we went to the class for the LDK session..Then,thankfully me and akak were the same group.And our FC was a guy..Then,our session continued with so much boring activity..And thank goodness that,some of the guy in the group can made joke,and that lighten up the mood!!Haha,they were funny!!Then,we had a break and we went to the 8th floor to get food!That time,it was fulled with so many people!!Argh!!Suck!!And while me and akak were waiting for our turn to get the food,I saw pineapple and infront of me was gedik gurl!!Ahh!!Whatever!!I kept looking at gedik gurl,and I kept looking at pineapple...Dalam hati,I thought and talked to myself that hopefully that gedik gurl,jgn ganggu pineapple cuzz pineapple just only for Liya!!OK!!UNDERSTOOD??!!Then,just a while,pineapple felt that I saw him,and he again made me annoyed!!With his voice again!Arghhh!!Then,pineapple shout akak's name out LOUD!!What the...And when I saw at the back,there was trolley brought our food there..Fuh!!Then,when it was our turned..I got the container,and I turned back to get out from the crowd!!Oh yah,I almost forgot..while waiting,I met abe salak..Haha...Then,when turned around I saw Keol,and Keol tried to take my food,heish!!Then,I saw pineapple and I showed him my food and after that he was shouting at me and it was loud!!KURANG ASAM NYA PINEAPPLE!!Everyone knew kot!!Bongok!!Then,escape from the crowd we went to DC and I ate my food..We went to pray at Melati.Then,continued the LDK..Arghh!!Everyone already felt tired and didn't have mood to play the game...But thanx again to guys in the room,they made us lough!!After that,we went back and we wanted to wait for Liya at the bus stop.Liya still not showing up!!Haii.lambat tol..We kept waiting and waiting and untill I saw someone.It was Cherry!!Oh no!!I don't want to see him,so I turned my head to look at zati,hope he didn't noticed me..Then,after a while I turned back my head,wusshh!!Where did he go?So fast he hilang,and I asked Zati and Chikin,where he go?But they also didn't noticed..Oh well..Then,Liya came and satu lagi hal..Bus to go to our flat did not came...Arrgghh!!So lama we waited so,we took the taxi..And since there were 5 of us in the taxi so he charged us,each of us have to pay 2 ringgit..Heh!!Ambik untung betul!!Dhlah garang jugak!!Hmph!!Mahal pulak tu!!Hmph!!Then,when arrived to our home sweet home,I tried to open the lock by using pin tdung,and can't..If using paper clip,then boleh lah,but then,Chikin can't took it anymore,so she borrowed our jiran nya hammer and pum!!Buk!!All the sound that we made cuzz we ketuk it with hammer..Haha..Felt like being a mechanical.And after a while,the tombol finally,pecah..Haha,ganaskan we girls..Then,Zati tried to pukul the other side of the tombol and it success..But still can't open the door cuzz something that hold at the dinding made it stuck!!The locklah yg lekat dekat dinding made it hard for us to open the door.Chikin thought she wanted to pecah saja the pintu,but then I took my turned to pukul the thing..using the screw and the hammer,I tried my best tu cungkil the hole,and the door became a bit longgar already,and so easily,I knocked the hole and push the door and wah!!The door open!!Haha..Liya called the owner about the door that we knocked!!And he was loughing to hear about it..Haha..Budak-budak perempuan yg ganas cam kami ni..Haha..merosakkan harta bnda orang..Haha..Then,apalagi,berlubang lah my door room..Haha..Then,at that night,I didn't online,and I watched movies with Zati,I thought that I wanted to eat maggie,but yet,I eat Zati's soup plak..Sorry Zati,sayang Zati lebih!!Haha..Pity zati!!Hehe..Then,lastly I watched My girl that night..I slept at 2 am oo...Hehe..


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