Friday, April 1, 2011

Let's Break Up

1 ARIL 2011

Now, Im a bit busy lorr..Can't update my blog much..But still here I am,visiting my own blog.As u can see, my title is let's break up..Not me la..I never been in relationship..But this is a song that I wanted to search so much..This is all because my kazz la..Hehe..

Syaza:La la la la la..
Me: Syaza, ya lagu Lee Seung Ki kn? apa nmanya? (Syaza,that is Lee Seung Ki's song r8? What is the song name?)
Syaza stares at me and said..

Syaza:La la la la la..Hahahaha...

Well,thats how it end up..I wanted to know this song but yet,I don't know the answer..N today,I search for it and I found it..R8 now I've been busy with test,presentation and mini project..Gosh!!This is so much..So, here listen to this song..:)) for U guys...


  1. Hahaha...Jom2..Break up!! Lalalala...Bes kn lgu die?Huhu..Sad2..