Saturday, April 2, 2011

Believe It Or Not..

2 APRIL 2011

Ok here..I look trough my friend's profile and I saw this picture..OMG!!She is so cute!!OMG!!I can't believe this!!This is not a girl!This is a guy!!Dude..She was a dude b4!!But still,she I mean he is so beautiful..Well yes!!I adore this guy or she..or girl or Man?!!!Well, I adore she or he is so beautiful la..Heyy...Prmpuan pn x scntik dia la kn?Can't believe it ooo!!! Have you heard about this name?Nong Poy..Yes,an actress and she is born as a guy b4 and now he became she..But stillll,she is quiet faymes lorr... But I just found out about this actress more like today..So..want to know about Noy?Here are some of her picture..Can't believe it?Well,I also can't believe it..

Me:Ckin ko tgk ni..cantik x?

Ckin:Waa...Cantik!!Cute nya..
Me:Ckin ko nk tau x..Ni llaki la bkan prmpuan..
Ckin:Huh??!!!(Trnganga skjap)

Lawa kan?Percaya x?Sngt comel !!Tgk2 mcm Agnes pn ada gak!!Hua3~~
Ni gambar sblum die jdi prmpuan ye..

CERITA pasal DIA..:

Saknarin Marnyaporn (Thai: น้องปอย ,born October 5, 1986), better known by the names Nong Poy or Treechada is a Thai actress and model. Born biologically male, Poy underwent sex reassignment surgery at age 17.
As a child, Poy saw herself as a girl, but in front of her parents, she had to pretend and live as a male. She felt disgusted by her male genitals, so at the age of 17, she underwent sex reassignment surgery and since then, she has said that she feels as if she has been reborn.

At age 19, Poy won the Miss Tiffany's 2004 and Miss International Queen 2004. Soon after, Poy appeared in the 2005 music video Mai Chai Poo Chai (I'm Not a Man) by Doo Ba Doo. Since then, Poy has been renowned throughout Thailand. Soon after, Poy appeared in several Thai television series such as Rak Ther Took Wan (Love You Every Day) and Muay Inter (The Chinese Girl).

She is currently studying at Faculty of Law, Assumption University.

I took this info from Wiki..
Gosh!!Juzz believe it..

PS:Sbgai hamba Allah,kita knalah bersyukur dgn apa yg kita ada..Jgn la kta mngubah apa yg sdah diberikan kpada kita krana itu haram!!Ucapla Alhamdulillah yee... :)

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