Sunday, January 1, 2012


1 JANUARY 2012

Hello y'all. Its been so long I have not update this blog. Well, for your info, I have been working on my other blog. I also have been busy with all my assignment and ofcourse this upcoming exam where I still don't have the mood to study yet.Hehehe. Alright, this new year I would wanna saya Happy New Year!! Hello 2012 and goodbye 2011!! There would be so much more things will happen this new year. So, fighthing!!

In this session, I come back to my point to promote my other blog. People who love to read Malay novels, pliz pliz..Do follow this blog. I have already post my novels series to the penulisan2u. So, I still wanna promote this blog. I still focus on one novel series that I've been working with and it is still on going. But, I also post the short Malay story in that blog. So, have time, visit my blog alright. Love you all.Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

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