Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New test for new year

19 January 2011

New test,new challenge for this year..Dugaan apa la ni kan?So today I have a shocking news.The owner want his house back.So how?We have to find another house,wif another surrounding for sure.OMG!!Gosh.!!And we have to find new house not untill the next month..we must find it fast.Unfortunately,ofcourse there should be somthing wrong will happend la kan..There are some misunderstood la..Huhu..But still,we need to get the r8 decision n we need it fast..Oh God plizz help us..Show us the way...Huhu..There's a reason this happen to us kan..So r8 now I have to be patient,and always pray for the best..Huhu..Amin..But I still wanna thanx this person,a guy ofcourse, he always try to help me..Wif his word of wisdom,sometimes I found out that he's very nice person and caring..ala ala so sweet..Thanx 4 being my good friend.. Smile :)

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